Insulin/supplies stash needs

So just as I recently reduced my humalog insulin pump order amount, suddenly I am concerned that I/we may need to have extra for the coming year while this crazy country deals with the coronavirus and possible interrupted supplies.
I let myself get low, after having a huge extra supply of insulin for years, just at the wrong time.
Anyway, I found a coupon for Lispro pens (generic Humalog?) at a good deal for cash purchase. I hope i don’t need a prescription for it.

I don’t know that I want to, yet, pay hundreds for extra real deal humalog. I am uncomfortable taking a couple of samples from my endo when people need it who are less fortunate than I money-wise.
I don’t see endo again until May and I may have to go back up another bottle then. Even my online pharmacy says I am under-ordered!

And those of us getting just 3 Dex sensors at a time. I assume I am not the only one concerned about that. Aren’t they being made in the Philippines?

Or am I over panicking!? And, could I use Lispro in my pump in an emergency? Or just as injection? I know I can get Lantus but again, same supply deal may occur.

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Be careful of cash deals

“I don’t know that I want to, yet, pay hundreds for extra real deal humalog” - You can purchase from Canada priced 90% below US retail price.

“And those of us getting just 3 Dex sensors at a time. I assume I am not the only one concerned about that. Aren’t they being made in the Philippines?” - No they are not being made in the Philippines, they are made in the US. Any item sold at retail through a supply chain by law in the US needs the country of manufacturer clearly printed on the box that contains the item if that item is not made in USA. The only exception you may find from time to time are knock off grey goods sold on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Craigs List being the worst offenders. It always takes time for the law to catch up with every grey goods seller, but when they do the fines and penalties put the seller out of business. Since customs does random checks on all goods from foreign countries, it is only very, very small sellers that can get away with selling grey goods for a short period of time before getting caught, so nothing that would apply to a company such as Dexcom.

“Or am I over panicking!?” - Yes, you are correct on that one. You are over panicking.


My endo used to provide us with insulin for years. It was simpler than dealing with Walgreens and Part B! :slight_smile: I’m not sure I understand your logic about being uncomfortable getting samples. You ARE diabetic, and on insulin, right? Are you a second-class citizen?

I am not a second class citizen but I am thinking about the genuinely poor with insulin requiring diabetes and do not want to deplete the endo freebies if he begins to run low. I am fortunate but like most folks could also be wiped out by a catastrophic illness. Knock on wood.

OK, I get the message that I am over panicking. I won’t say more On the subject. Will just do my own planning quietly.

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No one is going to look out for you as well as yourself, is all that I’m saying. I’m not going to lose any sleep if you choose not to ask for some free insulin! :slight_smile:

I am surprised that the insulin distributer would give a doctor that much insulin for free and continue to give him the free samples

I don’t find it surprising. I’ve gotten supplies from other doctors as well. All sorts of supplies–not just diabetic.

I couldn’t get extra supplies. But, for emergency, I figured it was ok to go to walmart and dropt he $40 on a vial of NPH and R. Since its over the counter, thats my best option for getting something fast and easy and cheap.

NPH?? Holy crap, that is the devil’s insulin. LOL. I’d opt for anything before going back to NPH.


How big is your current stash? Days, weeks, months?

I don’t want to brag about my personal stash but I have lots of well-stored refrigerated expired insulin and test strips in addition to over a year of unexpired insulin and test strips. And I have boxes of syringes over 10 years old!

Now if I’m sick sick sick my insulin needs can double quite easily.

My stash of Dexcom sensors is far thinner. I have slowly rationed (taking an off day between each 10 day session) to having an entire spare sensor at the end of each month. That said, I know I can get by without such luxuries although they sure are nice.

As emergency can’t-get-insurance-or-doctor’s-prescription I think R and NPH are fine. I lived on those for many decades.

For severe supply chain disruption, Wal-Mart and other walk-up locations may be closed or out of stock, so it’s not a solution to not having a stockpile.

Depending on the circumstances, many of these patients would qualify either for state aid or could qualify for patient assistance directly from the manufacturer. The insulin companies have gotten extremely generous in their income limits for assistance with insulin through these programs.


  1. If the Endo didn’t have enough, they could always say so.
  2. Chances are they can always ask for some extra samples.

Just ask. Tell them that you wanted to have a cushion in case of emergency and can they spare a vial or two so that you can create that cushion.

Another possibility, which doesn’t help immediately but, over time, could help you rebuild your stores, is to refill your prescription early. I know in my state, people can fill their medications 5-7 days before it’s “due”. (I’ve been told though that not every area has this ability). Do that a couple months in a row and you should also build up a cushion.

(I realize this doesn’t help with more immediate concerns, but it might help to do this to prepare for other “disasters” the world may encounter in the future.)

I’ve never had a problem, although I’m not asking for supplies on a regular basis although I did ask her for all my Fiasp for about 4 months because my insurance plan wouldn’t cover it. When I ask my CDE, she opens her fridge and it’s chock full of insulin from all the manufacturers (including MannKind). She also has a cabinet full of meters and test strips. I’ve gotten all my meters from her over the last 30 years, except recently when I needed a Contour meter on short notice.

Of course many people restart sensors to build up a buffer supply. Recently my endo changed my prescription to 4-sensors per month. That buffers me against sensors that fail and the one-time issue Dexcom had meeting orders.

Actually, I think a potential disruption in the supply chain is a valid concern.

There are three Costcos in my town and every single one of them is completely out of water, toilet paper and paper towels, all due to panic buying over the weekend. I went to the pharmacy last week to pick up my usual insulin prescription, and there was a woman at another window asking if it was too early to get her insulin refilled as she was concerned about not being able to get it due to the corona virus.

Johny Carson started a run on toilet paper back in 1973.


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It is always nice to have a backup for sensors, transmitter, and fusion set’s, Received a new T:slim X2 from tandem in January. My old pump ran out of warrantee in November but before that around August my original pump went bad and Tandem sent me out a T:slim X2 with G5 to replace the original one , so now I have a beck-up pump not sure I really need a backup pump.

I’m short on Humalog and Omnipod because they wont refill yet. Everything else is OK. Got a vial of Lantus yesterday. Got syringes and found a super secret syringe stash from like 1992 the other day. I squirreled that always real good. Never found it.