Tandem insulin question

I read somewhere that you cannot use Apidra insulin with the TSlimx 2. That doesn’t make sense so first, is that true and second did I misunderstand and it’s more of an insurance coverage issue?

I use apidra with my Animas Ping before, and now with my Vibe. No Problems. Perhaps it’s time to look at the other brands?

FDA approval for the Tandem t:slim X2:

[clip] “The device is indicated for use with NovoLog or Humalog U-100 insulin.” [clip]

This does not speak to whether you CAN or CAN NOT use a different insulin. It DOES mean Tandem is legally prevented from marketing the pump for any other use. This also does not speak to whether any other pump is FDA approved for any other types of insulin.

FDA labeling gives a certain amount of information but is obviously not the complete story.

EDIT: Above clip is from FDA label as of:
Decision Date 08/25/2017
Obviously FDA decisions after this “Decision Date” would supersede this information.

Im not sure if it applies to the X2, but many users have had issues with Apidra in the t:slim. Apidra tends to crystalize, causing occlusions.

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I tried it and got occlusions from crystallization within one day. Unfortunately just changing the site wasn’t enough as the crystals were coming out of the cartridge too so when I went to swap the site, it instantly clogged the new one.

Just tried it in Tandem TSlim X2. I used Apidra in my Animas Vibe and loved it. It worked better for me than Humalog. Doc hadn’t had any patients try it yet, so said go ahead.

26 hours in, got occlusion alarm. No go. I cannot recommend anyone trying it. Too many of us experienced the same thing. Cost me a cartridge and infusion set. Worth the attempt, since I really like Apidra. But no go.

Sounds to me like that means the TSlim:X2 is a no-go for me. Can’t use Hulamog, I get much better results from Apidra over Novolog, and Fiasp caused too much skin irritation when I tried it in my pump…