Experience with a vitrectomy?


So glad to hear that! And yes, I'd say you deserve a full spa day. :) Enjoy!


Really glad to hear the surgery went well!


I had my surgery on May 7 (almost two months ago) and my vision in that eye has not returned or improved yet at all. anyone else experience anything similar in it taking so long??? at my appointment last week, the dr said he wanted to wait and see what happens for one more month, but that was all. he gave no reasoning for why it was taking so long or anything like that.


hi.I was just taking my chance if anyone can help me.
My mother was scheduled for vitrectomy operation she just got this blurry and distorted vision for about 3 months now. When she visited an OP she was recommended to have a VITRECTOMY as soon as possible. But my mom was so worried if everything will be back as normal after operation.She was hearing a lot of stories that it was not getting back to normal,some are getting worse and even got more complication with other diseases afterwards.
Can someone help me to understand what was youe experience after the surgery.It will really help a lot.
Thanks and Godbless.


I have had one done on each eye. The first recovery took over six months. When my vision finally cleared, the blood splatters and spots were gone. That eye took so long as I also had scar tissue he had to remove. My second eye recovered in a little over a month. Vision is clear of spots. It definitely gets worse before it gets better. But it does get better. Good luck!