YES, I will have to have a Vitrectomy in my right eye. No choice. The Retinal Specialist is a very nice man, I truly like him and trust his expertise. Surgery is being scheduled and I will go to my Primary Doctor very soon to have blood work and EKG prior. Laser Surgery in my left eye in two weeks as well.

I have educated myself on the Vitrectomy and I am fine with having it done. I would lose vision and possibly blindness in that eye if I do not have the surgery....SO, that is a no brainer :)

I am overwhelmed with gratitude......I would not have the strength I do now if it wasn't for ALL of YOU, my friends whom I just love and treasure, admire. Saying "Thank You" doesn't seem to be enough. All of you mean more to me than I could ever express.

I look forward to being able to see without this "Web" of blood that I have had for the last 13 months.

The Doctor told me that this isn't my fault......"You were dealt a hand, called "Diabetes".

Grateful for this Technology. and most of all my friends and loved ones. Thank You.

Robyn xo

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Many hugs and keeping you in thought sweet lady....
Hugs hugs hugs....linda

Prayers for your peace, protection,and restoration, Dear Robyn..I expect the great for you!!!

God Bless,

Bikette, now you've ruined it!! She'll laugh so hard her eyes will fall out!!!!!

Best wishes, Robyn. We'll be thinking of you.

Bikette, all pre-op went fine. No problems. I will have it done in Sacramento, CA, about 1 hr. from where I live. It is at the Regional Eye Surgery Center. Get there at 8am surgery at 9am and leaving by 11am. If all goes as planned. I am doing okay Honey. A bit nervous. I will update Marie and she will let you all know what is going one, etc./ Thank you for the support. Love you all. xo

Natalie, yes a bit nervous. BS is high, just took a correction. I am truly grateful for all of you and thank you xo

Holger....thank you!! Glad your friend is okay. :) I will keep all of the positive wishes and all of you wonderful friends with me tomorrow.

Oh Linda...thank you sweety. Love you. xo

Brunetta, Thank You Sweetheart....I am okay. I am very comforted by all of the support and kindness. xo

Leo2, Why thank you very much. How can it go wrong with all of this wonderful support. xo

Goodnight Sweet Friends...time for me to get some things ready and try to relax and maybe get some sleep. Thank You so very much for all the support and kind wishes. I appreciate and love you all. I will update Sweet Marie and she has offered to let you all know what is going on with me.

Love, Robyn

My prayers are with you.

Positive thoughts and prayers for you from Gabe and family.

As always ...thinking of you sweet friend !

Robyn {{{HUG}} my friend! All will go good.

Blessings and Love to you as always SweetGirl. XOXO :)

Thank You to all....I am up and ready to go. Leaving in 1/2 hr. will check in at 8am and surgery at 9am....I will be "juiced up" as the Doctor said....so "Cheers"!! Love you all and I am very grateful to have such support. Love, Robyn

I just heard from Robyn - the procedure went smoothly and they got it all out. He did some laser too while they were in there. She's home, and just took a pain pill and is going to take a nap. She's going back to the doctor tomorrow for a check. We were both crying on the phone when she expressed how grateful she is to all the TuDiabetes community for their support - "It means a lot" "Thank you for everything" - she was very calm during the whole thing, awake but she had great anesthesia and she was very happy with all the doctors and nurses caring for her. She won't be on the computer for at least a few days. Our brave friend! She said she knew she'll have some pain, but I told her "at least it's OVER"!!!