Expired Tresiba Still Good?

Turns out that I messed up and now have some expired Tresiba pens in the fridge.
Tresiba isn’t cheap as you probably know and I’m about to lose my coverage so I need to salvage every drop I have.

Has anyone used expired Tresiba before? I really don’t want to have to toss it…

I’ve never used expired tresib but I’ve used pretty much every other kind of insulin out there long since expired and have never noticed one iota of difference. Currently using humalog that expired in 2015 and afrezza that expired in 2016. If it’s been properly stored I wouldn’t pay the slightest attention to the expiration date… tresiba hasn’t been on the market long enough to “expire” in the real world


I had one of my better endocrinologists tell me that insulin looses about 0.1% of it’s potency every month post is expiration. So it would be a trivial change over a couple years.

I have no scientific data to back that up, though.


Hello, @MayaK! Since I know you pay close attention to your insulin doses and the food you eat, I would give the expired insulin a try. If, after a few careful trials you see that it is not performing as expected then you can consider tossing it. I agree with @Sam19 and @kmichel that the potency of your expired Tresiba is probably good enough to use.