Expired test strips - and test strip variabilities in general

If the test strips are expired by a month or two, are they still "relatively" accurate? I checked them against the control solution and they seem to be within the control solution.

I check one or two strips against unexpired one. The expired ones do not vary any more than the unexpired ones (10-20%). For detecting trend after a meal, I think it's "safe". I'm not trying to correct for hypo or basing the numbers to figure out insulin correction factors.

What has been everyone's experience in terms of test strip or glucometer variabilities?

They're fine. Expiration date is not that strict by long shot - I've used some that I misplaced and found 6 months after they expired and saw no difference.

Has anyone else had any experience with expired test strips?

What about insulin after 28 days or 30 days?

I keep my insulins (Levemir and Humalog) unrefrigerated once I open them, and I use them to the end of the bottle which can be as much as 60 days after I start them. I see no difference in potency when I start a new bottle.

These questions have been asked here and other diabetes forum sites fairly frequently and most people say they have no problems using these supplies past expiration date. You should try a search if you want to see more opinions.

I haven't but if you've tested them and they're ok I'm sure they're fine. Just retest if something seems off. I use insulin until it's done most of the time, I'm not sure anymore how long because I don't keep track of that. I sometimes switch out if things seem really off, but I think it is usually something else. Insulin will last for 3 years refrigerated and unopened.