Express Scripts - they do not care there is a recall - do not reorder

For anyone who gets their strips through Express Scripts, do not order test strips through them or you will get recalled strips and no help or care for resolution.

I was told by Abbott that they actually do have the new strips. I then ordered from Express Scripts and they sent me recalled strips. I refused to take them (especially since I spent $700 on them) and spent two hours on the phone with ES where they denied even KNOWING about the recall. I said the recall is a month old, and how do they not know serving 100 million people in the US, and after I pointed them to the Abbott website and the press release did they relent. (There is now a note on the home page about the recall after my discussion with them, imagine that.)

When they finally acknowledged there was a recall, they refused to take them back or replace them. I raised my concern through several levels of supervisor, and they finally said they would replace them with the right strips. I just got the replacements - they are all recalled test strips. My head just spun off.

I did file an additional complaint through the Express Scripts email address, and got no response. It has been helpful in the past, so this was even more disheartening.

FYI The reason I am making such a fuss is that we leave for vacation overseas for ten days this weekend, and I am out of replacement strips. I have three suitcases of equipment and supplies and other things for my four year old diabetic son, and to have to carry anything extra will only lead to confusion and more danger for my son who is hypo / BG unaware and semi-verbal. I asked Abbott to send me more strips last week - which they didn't do - so now I am begging them to overnight me those strips today. I will use our backup meter if I have to, and hope that it goes all right. In the meantime, I wanted to warn others.

If worse comes to worse, call Abbott and ask for a free meter that works with the strips that you can get. Not the best solution, but a solution that will get you the correct BG readings needed.

Good luck on your trip! Hope it is clear sailing from now on


Thanks! Me too. I need a break from all this.

Yes, thanks, that's the plan.