Test Strip Recall

for those who use the freestyle meter in the pdm: https://www.abbottdiabetescare.com/press-room/2014/2014-b.html

Well this is just great news! Does anyone know if the Freestyle Flash will be good while waiting for the replacements? I don't have any other meter besides that and the OmniPod itself.

Also, I don't understand how the same strips will be okay in a different meter, but I guess I'll roll with it.

I called abbot, and they told me that the strips were bad, but to "keep on using them" until I get my 400 replacements in 5-7 days.

I called my endo, and got a new meter and strips sent to my pharmacy. Telling me to keep using known bad strips sort of turned me off to freestyle. The internal meter was never very accurate and had to have the code changed for each lot anyways.

They told me I needed a Freedom Meter. And when I said I didn't have one I was told to "take precautions," until I get my new strip. Nice. Usually we don't take precautions. They told me to "be aware" of any symptoms of high or low blood sugars and if my son felt that way we should contact our health care provider. HAHAHA.


So what if you are having no issues? Still should call? If all is ok and I don’t have another meter we’ll have the insulinx but what if I like the convenience of not having a pump and meter? Hmmmmm

Just got off the phone with Abbott. According to the rep they are only replacing 400 strips. We have more than 400 and my position is that all strips need to be replaced not just an arbitrary number. We certainly paid a handsome sum for the strips on hand. I know the rep was just doing what she was told and I am waiting for a callback from someone in authority to discuss. Is this an issue with any other users?

I was told by the CS rep that right now due to limits on quantity they could only ship out 400 strips at a time. I told her I had 1400 that needed to be replaced and she got a bit flustered. She then said once I used the 400 I could get another 400 replaced.
After that she did say I could continue to use the strips in my Freestyle Freedom meter and then enter the data in to my pod PDM. I said I didn't want to carry around 2 devices.
Finally she said if I did use my current strips in my PDM I should do a control solution test to be sure they're accurate. That's when I asked for some more control solution. When I told her I wanted all 3 ranges of control solution not just the normal control she had to pass me on to a supervisor because that kind of request was not within her scope of intelligence. So now I am receiving 400 replacement strips, 3 bottles of control solution and assurances that when I need the next replacement strips they will ship me 400 more.

just called and they're sending me 400 replacement strips. I use the freedom lite meter anyway, but I called for the strips and was on and off the phone in about 10 minutes. Thanks for posting!!

Wow! I contacted Abbott and we're getting the replacements test strips, but I was told that these replacement test strips will only be compatible with the Omnipod PDM internal meter -- they will not be compatible with a stand alone Freestyle meter. I am hoping that my pharmacy will be willing to stock these new strips, because I think my son may be the only customer they have on an Omnipod. I also think it is important to have test strips that work with another meter in case something happens to the PDM. I wrote a tudiabetes post a couple of months ago because my son was getting false low readings from the PDM. Insulet replaced the PDM three times and I still had problems with it. I know I wasn't the only customer who reported this problem. They also had an earlier recall on strips, so I assume the problem has persisted. Why has it taken months to react and solve this problem that ultimately could cause some serious problems for diabetics?! I am losing faith in the Omnipod. I'm wondering if a better solution may be to stick with the old Freestyle strips and use a separate meter.

Chris whoever you talked with is full of crap. The Freestyle strips are good in the PDM and in the Freestyle Freedom meters, and also work fine in the Freestyle lite meters as well.
I also posted here about a consistently low readings on my PDM

I finally figured out that it was the strip that was causing the problems not the PDM which had been replaced by Insulet already.

Well, this is timely as I in the process of switching from the Minimed 723 + Enlite CGM to the Omnipod + Dexcom G4 Platinum CGM. My main reasons were waterproof pump, tubeless, and more accuracy for the CGM.
Am I understanding correctly and the PDM has an integrated glucose meter from Freestyle that has been discontinued in 2010?
Before this recall, did anybody had issues with the integrated glucose meter?
If I need to carry another glucose meter on top of the PDM and the CGM devices then the whole value prop of switching pumps will not be worth it for me. Too many devices.


Stupid question maybe but is this recall Canadian?

I get my strips from Liberty Medical. Nobody has notified me of anything. What if I didn't read this thread? Would I just die? My readings have been accurate as far as I can tell so I'm not doing anything unless I get a notice in the mail.

Gus, I think once this strip recall is a bad memory there should be no issues with the PDM meter. I started with the Omnipod system in May of last year and until very recently the PDM meter matched my Dexcom cgm readings beautifully. I got one bad lot of strips and that cascaded in to a slew of problems including using bad numbers to calibrate the Dexcom and bolus etc. Once I figured out the problem and used a different lot of strips all the problems have disappeared.
I love the Omnipod pump for the reasons you stated - tubeless, waterproof and I love the Dexcom CGM because it is very accurate and I can rely on it to catch me before I get low or high. I only bring the 2 devices with me the Dexcom receiver and the Pod PDM and I use that for my meter. I still wish Insulet and Dexcom were able to work out their corporate differences and come up with an all in one device, but unfortunately that is not going to happen. So I will stick with what I have.

I don't think so dishers I think it is US only but I am not 100% sure.

If your readings have been accurate then it is unlikely you would die as a result of not getting a recall notice. I contacted my CDE at the Joslin clinic and she has not received a notice of the recall. I imagine eventually some kind of notice will be sent whether from Omnipod or from Abbott or the FDA but in the meantime if your strips are working and giving you accurate results then there's no reason to react. At the same time if you want 400 free strips from Abbott give the recall line a jingle.

Thanks Clare

Thank you Kate!! I knew nothing.

I was told that these new ones are going to only work in the Omnipod also. Which is why they told me they wanted my physician and pharmacy info - so they could make sure we got the correct type in the future.