Exsulin/Ingap Phase II Now In Human Trials

Been eagerly waiting for this to start. Between this potential therapy and Smartinsulin we may see some future relief!! Keep prayin folks. Here is the link…


More… http://www.wvpubcast.org/newsarticle.aspx?id=11105

Absolutely incredible! This is great news! Looks like a potential solution is just a few years away. You should post this in the diabetes news forum.

I love this quote, “Fleming said so far the only negative side effect of Exsulin has been a rash at the injection site.”

I think the better quote is “The goal is to get diabetics off Insulin”! I try not to get overly excited about any potential therapy’s to combat diabetes but with pending treatments like this and smartinsulin its hard not to believe we will see some relief in the near future. Its time to stop hoping for a breakthrough as many like myself have been for decades and get a big breakthrough already! God Bless