Extended Bolus for my nemesis, WHITE RICE

Hi all -

I thought you all might be able to help me with this one. Will is now 4.5 years old and has had diabetes for almost 3 years. While I have successfully figured out some foods (pizza, pasta) I can't seem to figure out white rice. For example, when he has white rice, I bolus for the cup that he has - 45 grams - 50% for over 3 hours. His numbers for those 3 hours are great. However, sometime in the night, something happens and he skyrockets up to 350 or more! Part of me just wants to never give the kid rice, but wouldn't you know it, he loves it! I've tried brown rice - same thing. What should I do? We see the endo on Monday and I'm sure our A1c will reflect my nemesis, RICE!! Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks. Susan
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Ice cream, or anything higher in fat, does that for me. The obvious would be to increase and extend the bolus …higher amounts for a longer duration. It is scary to do that at night, tho, as we are all fearful of the dreaded night time low. Maybe baby steps are called for. A little bit more insulin for 4 or 5 hours. If you have mastered pizza, I’d think you can do anything! Good luck.

Do you think increasing the basal rate would be better than extending for 4-5 hours?

Susan -

I have the same numbers when I eat white rice…which is often b/c our favorite restauant (A Thai place) is two blocks away. I do what you just suggested for yourself…with a dose of Elaines suggestion. I extend a mega - bolus and use a higher basal called my “Thai basal” every time. First few times I set my alarm to wake me 3 times over the course of the night (to do a quick bg check)…after I got comfortable with it, it seems to work fine for me. PS and yes, I agree with elaine…if you have mastered pizza, you can do anythng! You are a ROCK! Will is SO LUCKY! (wont go off on that tangent again!)

I would think extended bolus is better. I use increased basal rate for when you not feeling well or right after a pod change or if I’ve ripped one off and have been without basal for some time. You have extended 3 hrs already so wondering how much further out you have to go and it might be one of those foods that don’t follow the normal I/C ratio that you normally use, I have to do this with pizza. So it might need increased bolus and extending out a little further to see how it works but I would try it at lunch and monitor closely so you can correct if necessary…Once you figure it out I think you can do it with confidence the next time. Take care~Schmutz

Our families are from Cuba and Puerto Rico; and rice it’s basically a daily thing in our diet. Although we are using brown rice, once in a while we have white rice. I’m very strict in the measures, so 1/3 cup of rice = 15 gm of carb. One full cup of rice is a lot of rice, my 7yr. never more than 90 gm of rice which is around 22 carbs. That is the same for both white and brown. But it’s very tricky the measurements need to be precise, otherwise bg can be on the high side. I even have a small collapsable measuring cup that I take with us to restaurants. Does he eats the rice for lunch or dinner? That also is key, because if it’s at lunch his body still have time to burn some of those calories. GOOD LUCK!

Great Idea from Scmutz! (always offers great advice, way to go Schmutz!) Whatever you do, try it at lunchtime first! Good luck, none needs a nemesis like white rice! PEACE

Thanks - I’ll try the extended bolus for 4-5 hours next time. But should I use the same 45 gram or up it a bit?

He loves rice at dinner. If we go out for Japanese food or Chinese food, he always wants a whole bowl of rice. I do sometimes make him rice balls but I rinse the rice until it is clear (about 8 times) and when I do that, we don’t seem to have any problem with the rice. I’m sure it’s just all the starch that is on the grain. I don’t measure the rice when we go out to eat so maybe you are correct that he’s eating ever more than I thought. I’ll try experimenting with rice at home during the day. Thanks for the great suggestions!

Trial and error. I’m am still doing that at the age of 55. D since July 5,1958 and still going strong!!!

I learned at my last endo visit that basal rate has a lot more impact than I realized (having been diabetic for 20+ years); I’d suggest talking with your endo about adding a temp basal increase when the little guy eats rice. Basal is a powerful tool that I think most diabetics (and care givers) underestimate and under-utilize.

Rice is really tough. I love, love, love fried rice and it has driven me crazy BG wise. The last few times I have extended 100% of my bolus for three hours with better results, but nothing I would call success. I am going to try extending for a longer period and maybe increasing my basal or bolusing for a greater number of grams. I’m looking forward to hearing your solution - it will probably help lots of us.