The impact a prolonged period of high blood sugar has

I was proud of myself after keeping my blood sugar in really tight control for the past couple of months. But then something happened. This week I spiraled out of control and my sugar has been around 400 to 500 all of this week. I feel horrible and am having trouble getting it back under control. Does this ever happen to anyone? I’ve had some relationship issues, which has affected my diet but I’m still trying to exercise regularly to help keep it under control. I feel horrible, weak and feel like I’ve lost a good big of weight. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Hi, Ashley,

Stress due to any reason can significantly move BG up in some folks - it does for me. Couple that with not following the correct diet for brief periods, magnifies the problem. We all go through those periods from time to time.

Try increasing your basal for a while Test regularly - every couple hours until you get back down and bolus as needed, but be careful not to stack your insulin boluses

I agree with Tom. Also, if you are exercising and your BG is in that range, it could cause problems. Check for ketones and do not work out if they are present.

I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself!

Call your doctor too!

try a new vial of insulin it may have gone bad.