Extending Omnipod past the 3 days...even a few hours

Hello, Does anyone know if you put in a temp basal for say 8 hours and your pod is set to be changed in 3 will the temp basal continue and keep your Pod still active? Trying to avoid throwing out 20-30 units of insulin. Thanks

I don’t know the answer to that question, although my guess is, no.

I have used Caleb’s Pods through a full 80 hours - the 72 plus the 8 grace period - if it’s still working well. At the 80 hour mark though it completely turns off with a long BEEEEEEEEP, as if it errored. So I’m guessing a temp basal would not extend it beyond the 80 hours.

Thanks Lorraine. I didnt even know it went to 80 hours! I have been on the POD officially for 7 days now, though I was able to trial it for 6 days before commiting. I am still working out how much insulin to put into it, though.

I do the same thing Lorraine. but after the max of 80 hours everything shuts down…
I do fill the pod with the minimum 80 units…I don’t use more than that.
Perhaps Dave , you can use the minimum amout???

Oh, ok. Yep - it will beep every hour, but keeps on working till the 80 mark. When we first started they talked about a 12 hour grace period, but I don’t think that ever happened.

I switched my oPod for the first time today, and I also had 20-30 units remaining in the reservoir. I used a new needle and syringe from a new oPod package, stuck the needle into the reservoir fill hole of the old pod, and drew out the extra (unused) insulin. Such a maneuver is most likely not approved by oPod or your dr/CDE, but I did this same thing with my old MM 722.

I would be afraid that after being next to my warm body for three days, I would not trust the insulin to necessarily be “good” for three more days. I am not willing to get sick or have Pod failure just to try to salvage even 30 units of insulin.

Hi. Not sure exactly how to set a temp basal. But what I do to solve the same problem (you have remaining insulin in your ready to discard pod) is that once you deactivate a pod, you can simply withdraw any remaining insulin that remains in the pod (for next pod’s use) by using the enclosed syringe and withdrawing it from the pod port. I don’t know if other people are doing this, but I’ve been doing this for a few months now and it has worked for me fine. And I think that even though the pod is touching your body (Sherry Ann’s comment), that the remaining insulin should still be usable for your next pod’s activation. I haven’t noticed my insulin’s effectiveness not working in any pods at this point. Anyone else trying this?