Pod expiration -- can you go a few hours longer?

Hi all! I was wondering if it is OK to go a few hours past pod expiration if you have enough insulin left in your pod. I have never done this, but it’s going to expire with over 50 units left while I’m asleep tonight as I changed it very late on Saturday night/Sunday morning, and I was hoping to wear it for just a few hours longer until I wake up in the morning. Thanks!

I have heard that the pod batteries have an 80 hour lifespan. So, considering that 3 days=72 hours, I think you can wear it for a few more hours (possibly 8?) after the expiration beep?

Yeah, I’ve worn mine for several hours longer. Can’t recall exactly how long before it stops delivering your basal, maybe around 5 hours. Maybe someone else knows exactly, but shouldn’t be a problem…except for the beeping!

Our rep said you have 8 hours after expiration.

It’s pretty simple, and explained in the manual.
The pod will stop working when 80 hours from priming it have passed, or it runs out of insulin, whichever happens first.

(the PDM and/or pod will give various alerts before that, but all basals & boluses will be delivered as programmed.

I’ve run pods the full 80 hours quite a few times with no issues (well, it beeps continuously once it stops, so you’d better have the PDM in range so you can acknowledge the message and stop the beeping).

Thank you everyone, this is really helpful! I’ll make sure to put my PDM next to my bed and hope that it doesn’t beep too much :slight_smile:

It’s not a problem, I let one run completely out because I had to go back on shots for a day. It was do to change around 7 in the evening and it didn’t quit until the middle of the night, probably 6-8 hours later so the 8 hour zone is probably right.

You can definitey keep wearing it, if you don’t mind the annoying beeping. I don’t like wasting insulin either. I usually check the past 3 days total insulin usage and add a few units more with the next fill. I don’t know whether or not there’s a way to silence the periodic beeping. You definitely want to know when it’s about to run out of insulin though.

my CDE said 6 hours after the 3 days and it will totally die…haven’t pushed it that far yet so I’m not sure?

It does last 8 hours past the 3 day mark. At that point, it goes into a never ending beep, so you don’t need to worry about it quitting and you not knowing it. It beeps every hour to let you know it has expired. I go the full 80 hours almost all the time. When I am sleeping, I just smother the pod with a blanket or pillow and I don’t hear it at all.

I extend mine the extra 8 hours 9 out of 10 times. Very occasionally I will see my #'s start to rise and then I will go ahead and change it. The site can get a little inflammed and hinder insulin absorption. I will change it out to suit my schedule if I will be somewhere where the beeping will be an issue, otherwise, I extend whenever possible. I can usually sleep through the beeps or wake up and hit “OK” on the PDM and go back to sleep, but it does disturb my husband. You’ll figure out what works for you.

I try to stretch it out for 8 hours whenever practical. Over the course of time it helps make up for pods I’ve accidently knocked off.

i went almost an entire extra day with one once…the battery is not an issue its just that the pod “knows” and starts to beep like crazy