Eye Pain on bending

Hi all

At my current age I don't panic over vague symptoms that may or may not mean anything unless they are persistent or get worse. And I also know that not all physical problems are D related. But I've been having a symptom for a couple days and wonder if anyone has experienced anything similar.

I've been getting a moderately strong pain in my right eye either when I stand up or worse yet, bend over. That's about it, other than that I'm fine. Anyone experienced something similar?

I forgot to say that my ophthalmologist said at my last visit that my pressure was borderline, but I looked that up and it said that pressure doesn't have symptoms.

Haven't had that symptom so I can't help on that front but sending you some healing vibes.

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Thanks, Maurie. I'm always happy when there's a condition I have no knowledge of!


Thanks, Shoshana; I'm hoping for some input from people who have had the experience before I decide to do that.

How's your BP? I know Richard Vaughn has written about some issues w/ vision/ standing issues that are related to some low BP situations.

The last time I had that experience was after eating a basket of strawberries for lunch. I somehow had the idea that strawberries were a free food. They are definately not. BG measured in at 255. As soon as blood sugar levels normalized (120) the pain in my eye disappeared.
I believe that the two areas of the body most commonly affected by diabetes/elevated blood sugar are the eyes and feet. Hence frequent complications in those places for many older diabetics.

My blood sugar is mostly normal during the last few days when I've had the symptoms, Vancouver.

My blood pressure is a tad low, AR, due to the arrhythmia medicine I'm taking. I did have a bit of lightheadedness on rising from low blood pressure in the past, but not this pain in the eyes, and not for awhile. I'm going to mention it when I talk to my cardiologist this week, though.

Have not had it. And I rarely try to diagnose since I am not good at it. But I googled your symptom and here is one response I found with two possibilities. Sinusitis is a common cause of pain around the eye. If that is it, you treat the sinusitis.
If it is an ocular cause, usually there is associated redness/watering/photophobia/reduced vision.
In any case, you need to see an opthalmologist if it continues.

I know you wanted a pwd who had the symptom to respond. And perhaps you will get one. But this is a symptom and three people could all have the eye pain but have three different causes for it. This is why you won't get a reliable lead on it. Cheers.

Thanks, Nell. I usually have at least a tentative diagnosis before I go to the doctors! I appreciate the info. I did google a bit. I wondered about sinus, though I don't have any stuffy feelings, and tried a benadryl which didn't do anything. No redness, watering, etc.

I guess I just absorb info from online, other people's experiences, etc and it either leads me to say "aha, that's it!" or it doesn't. But it's all very useful imho.

What about your sinuses? it is very likely that you are getting pain from your sinus expressed in your eye. I also see this all the time with patients who think they have a tooth ache but it ends up being a sinus infection or even allergies. Have you had a cold lately?

Thanks, Soosie. I thought about sinus, but I don't have any cold type symptoms; I very rarely get colds. I even took a benadryl to see if that improved it, but it didn't. I did have tooth pain a couple months ago but it disappeared. I confess I'm overdue for dental work - way overdue.

The eye pain seems better this evening, maybe it will just go away...whatever it was.

I am sure it's nothing. But you can get sinus trouble without having a cold. It just sounded like sinus with the pain coming when you bend down. That's classic for sinus...or tooth??

Thanks, soosie. Treating sinus would be an easy place to start! I didn't know that pain when you bend down was characteristic of sinus.

Keep in mind that when you bend down blood rushes to the head, something that could affect sinuses as well as the eyes.