Right side of brain hurts

Every evening between 7 -9 the right side of my brain starts to hurt . It also hurts my right eye i tried a lot of things with the basal but its not that . Was wondering if anyone else has right brain and right eye pain and what could be causing all.this pain . Ive also makes me vomit .

Do you do BG tests when you get this pain ? If so, is there a pattern of very high or low BG ?

What types of food do you typically eat for dinner ?

How long have you had diabetes ?

Ive had diabetes for 10 years . I was happening when i wqs at a five so i had sugar . Then i thought i took to much basal. Then it kept happening at 10s 15s anynumber

Sounds typical of what’s called a cluster headache – occurrence on one side, felt near the eye, and at the same time each day are classic symptoms. There is no link with diabetes. They are not dangerous, but do see your doctor for a definitive diagnosis and treatment, because over-the-counter headache meds are often too slow to be effective.

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Ok sounds great thanks for the help. Its probably as intense a headache ive had . I think is because of the lantus maybe but who knows.

I dont know how old you are, but it never hurts to see a Doc, just incase its a mounting stroke.

Mine is usually sinus related.