Eyes dilated

I got my eyes check yesterday. Now my vision in healthy but the drops used aggravated my eyes. I used to have dry eyes. It hasnt bothered my until yesterday. I am so angry that this has happened. I sure hope it gets better.


I got my eyes checked today. I always ask for the weakest dilation solution due to migraines caused from the normal strength. I’m hoping your eye problem dilation is just temporary.

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Today was site change day and when I removed the cannula the whole cannula was filled with blood. Whenever that happens it really messes up my body. Some of my bloodsugars were elevated but nothing out of the ordinary. That is why I hadn’t suspected it. I was also feeling run down and had stomach pain like I had a bad case of gastro. This morning I thought I would try eating a piece of toast. The sensor rose up to 13mmol when it was actually 11.7mmol. I had pain on insertion of my site change. I know they say that that is a good sign that the site failed. So I took it out and sure enough there was blood in it. I am feeling a little bit better and my eyes are also feeling better. I am wondering if all my symptoms had to do with some of the elevated sugars that I had from site failure. I dont k ow but I am blaming it on that.


I have been having an annual check for more than 15 years. It was about 5 years ago that I started getting floaters after the check. - Thems the breaks

I too suffer from Dry Eyes, so I sympathise very much with your dismay at this recurrence after you had been symptom free for a long time. However, my experience suggests to me that the dilating drops just might not be to blame. Yesterday I had a whole battery of tests on both eyes. My right eye was dilated but not my left (in preparation for a cataract op. on my R eye). Today, my undilated L eye is uncomfortable but my dilated R eye is fine. I was given a leaflet warning me to limit screen use as, it said, this exacerbates Dry Eye. I suspect that having to stare so fixedly into all those instruments equated to hours of screen use. My Dry Eye condition also flared up after my last checkup, but settled down after a few days. I trust things will go the same way this time - for both of us.

I figured out the culprit. During that hot humid day last week I was having bad sinus pressure and congestion behind my eyes. Once it got cooler and dryer air the symptoms went away. I am going to get tested for allergies but I don’t think I have them.

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Good News everyone!!! The sinus pressure, joint pain, upset stomach and sensitive teeth and mouth was alll due to sinus!!! Yesterday evening it felt like something went “pop” in my head. All my symptoms are gone and I am starting to heal!! I pray to God everyday and night that He will help keep me healthy!!! I really can’t handle being sick! This afternoon now that the pressure is gone my body feels like “jelly”. Thankyou to everyone who replied to my post. I love you all!!