Problems with eyes

I wear contacts, and I find if my blood sugar spikes up then I my contacts become unbearable to wear them. A film forms over them, and my eyes become so very dry. I change them pretty regular. Does anyone else have these problems?

I haven’t worn contacts in years, but know that a high bg definitely makes your eyes dry.

I have the opposite problem especially the past year or so. My eyes are always watering and tearing, to the point that I often find I have dried tears on my face at the sides of my eyes, and I have totally given up even trying to wear eye makeup, even for special occasions. I don’t know if it’s connected to the diabetes, and I guess it’s better than dry eyes, but it is annoying. (I wear gas-permeable hard contacts.)

hi! i read a lot abot this problem. defeat of a retina develops after 20 years of illness because of harmful influence of the raised sugar in blood which affects first of all vessels, including vessels of a retina so sight decreases. but Thank God my bro-in-law (he has T2 during 10 years) has no problems with his eyes=)

I do - my eyes feel really blurry when my BS spikes. I thought it was because my eyesight was getting bad (I have an office job where I sit in front of the computer all day or read documents all day), but it turns out it was the BS.

Well, when your BS is changing… the shape of your eye actually changes… causes vision changes. That’s what has happened to me. Pre-diagnosed, my eyes were changing, and I didn’t know why. Now, my eyes are going back to normal, but I still have some days where my eyes just can’t seem to focus.

That’s interesting that you’ve connected high BS with dry contacts. I’m not sure why that would be happening. How high are we talking?