Familial tremors

At times ,I am having trouble with my meter shaking from my tremors. My CDE is going to put in for a Freestyle Libre to see if we can get this approved. I need 2 hands to drink from a cup. So keep you posted. Nancy50


@Nancy50 Lots of hugs, good thoughts, and prayers are being sent your way!

Thank you, appreciate the thoughts. Nancy50

@Nancy50, my husband’s family had familial tremors, also known as essential tremors. His and his mother’s were not too bad but his older sister could not hold a cup to drink and had to use a straw. Two or three years ago, a friend’s father, whose tremors were getting worse as he got older, was treated at Mayo in Rochester, MN. They implanted an electric stimulator into his brain that works somewhat like a heart pacemaker. His condition improved to an enormous degree. It is too late for my husband’s family as they are now all gone. But I thought that you might be interested in exploring this:

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Thank you for the information, not that bad yet. Nancy50

I would try Alpha-Stim for the tremors. It should IMO work similarly to the implant that @Willow4 mentioned but is non invasive. It just clips onto your ears. You need a prescription for it though since it does lower blood pressure but most insurance will pay for it. The things it’s approved for by the FDA are very broad (the inventor did that deliberately) to treat a wide range of conditions. If you want some more info let me know and I’ll go hunt it down.

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Something non-invasive would certainly be a route to try first. If it works, it would certainly trump using drugs. But when all else fails and the tremors interfere dramatically with life, it is good to know that there is a brain implant that gives results. And, that, of course, would be my last resort. Nancy50 says her situation is not that drastic and that is good.

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I was denied due to Medicare regulations saying you must be on meal time insulin, testing 4 plus times a day. :cry: Nancy50