Family visit

I just found out that my mother, 2 sisters and brother are coming to visit me. Actually they want to visit Disney Land and since I’m near there they said they are coming to visit me. They’re not sure when they’re coming, it is up to my little sister’s doctor. When he says it is ok, they will come. It could be as soon as next week.

They want to stay at the Disney Land Hotel for 3 nights then come to visit my aunt. I’ll have to go to the Hotel to meet them. I’ve been looking into the ways to go, one way is to take a train to LA. Than a bus to the Hotel. I like that idea since I’ve never been on a train before. I’ve seen trains in the movies and it looks like fun.

I’m going to ask my BF if he can go with me, it will depend on when because he has to work unless he can take some time off. Three nights in the Disney Land Hotel with Jimmy sounds like fun but I doubt if my mother would approve of us staying in the same room. : (

only way to know is to ask right? You could always get two beds anyway to keep up with appearances… then again i was never one that cared what my parents thought, heck i didn’t even invite them to my wedding. I like to think of my relationships as mine and mine alone, but all depends on how you want to present yourself to your family. Good luck.

I can’t see a guy who jumps at your putting his hand on your thigh as a guy who will go for the share a hotel room deal! :slight_smile: So if he goes, you can bet on two rooms. :slight_smile: Have him take the train with you. It is fun if it is a scenic ride. Either way do not miss out on DisneyLand! We went to Disney World (in Florida) almost every summer when I was a kid - I never got sick of it!

Talked to my big sister last night, my little sister, Keiko, is doing better. Her psychiatrist says a trip to Disney Land would be good for her. But before he approves her go, he wants to observe her for a while. She sees him 3 times a week and depending on her behavior it could be any time.

I spent 6 hours with Jimmy yesterday in my bedroom. I bought a new computer, desk and chair. It took us 3 hours just to put the desk together. I’m so glad I spent 3 days cleaning up my room because we were sitting on the floor most of the time trying to figure out the poorly written directions. When we finished the desk, we went out for a quick meal at a local Mexican reassuring, then came back and set up the computer. Since I forgot to buy a wireless network adapter, I can’t use it on the internet yet. Jimmy was being real lovey-dovey, if my family hadn’t been home maybe we would have…

We are going to the Del Mar horse races today. I’ve never been to a horse race so it will be a new adventure for me. He says he knows a great place for dinner in Del Mar after the races.

Ah, ha. See? maybe he is getting into the groove of things! He is a guy, I am sure eventually he will cave! haha! But why did he get all lovey-dovey when you can’t do anything about it? LOL. Still a good sign.

Was it an IKEA desk? Those can be a pain to put together but it is still fun. :slight_smile:

Glad your sister is OK. Yes, I think DisneyLand is a good place for her to go to - she has been through alot and it will be fun for her. There is no way you can not have fun at DisneyLand. It is like being a kid again! :slight_smile: (now, I miss Disney - I might have to settle for Great America for the rides!)

Have fun on your date tonight! :slight_smile:

The horse races was a lot of fun even though I lost every race. I’ve never seen anything like it, all the people would yell and scream when the horses were near the finish line. I rooted for my horses but it didn’t help them, two of them were last.

We went to a Japanese Yakiniku restaurant for dinner. We both had beef Yakiniku, fired rice and salad. They had hibachi’s on the table and I cooked the meat, showing off my skill with chop sticks. He asked me if I was going to eat that fried rice with chop sticks, I asked the waiter for a spoon. Spoons are much better for fried rice.

We’re going to visit his sister in San Clemente tomorrow. His brother will be there and they are having a barbecue. Jimmy told me to wear jeans and to be on my best behavior and not act like a smitten teenager. I told him I was a smitten teenager and he would just have to get used to it. He was joking, I think, but he obviously wants me to make a good impression on his sister.

What’s wrong with being a smitten teenager? You are not a teenager! :slight_smile: Geesh, hope he was joking. He is should be happy you are crazy about him. Oh, btw, if a guy spends this much time with you - HE is crazy about YOU! Glad things are going so well for you - he sounds like a total sweetie pie (send a little bit of your guy luck my way! LOL!)