I'm going on a short vacation again!

Hey All,

Just a short note here to tell everyone I’m going back to the Mountians again tomorrow! I love them and this time I get to take my granddaughter with me to show her her Nanny’s favorite place in the whole world! I’m hoping she will love them as much as I do but we shal see what a 3 1/2 year old thinks of her Nanny’s idealism! I won’t be back til Wenesday or Thursday So this is a welcome to all the new members too from me! Hope all has a good week!

Oh Lucky you Doris. :slight_smile: I’m sure that your GrandDaughter will be Happy wherever her Nanny is. Don’t forget a few of her favourite toys. Have a Wonderful, relaxing time. See Ya soon.

Have a GREAT trip!

THANK YOU GUY’S I plan on taking a few days with just me, her and her grandfather and look through things in her eyes this itme!


Have a wonderful, fun and safe trip my dear friend!

Have a great time! Yes, to see things through a child’s eyes…just heavenly. :slight_smile: