Fasting 89 and Loving it!

Wow! I am so happy to see my fasting Bg’s back to normal! let me be the first to tell you, I was going to change my basal setting’s w/o thinking about Aunt Dottie disturbing my life as always…lol I am glad I received alot of feed back from Kristin, Karen, Deb, Cathy and Dino (lol). They caused me to stop and think before I react to something that is totally normal. I know now that during Aunt Dottie’s vist I don’t need to stress, everything will be ok and it’s normal to see crazy BG’s. My fasting is back to normal and I am loving it…

Your Diabetic Buddy,

Hoorah! “Aunt Dottie” makes me have repeated lows :slight_smile: We’re all unique!

Oh and I’m jealous of your awesome control! :slight_smile: My fasting BGs have been in the 50’s lately no matter what I do. I lowered my basal without overnight basal test cause I’m traveling and alone AND I still woke up in the 50’s.

Way to go Cherise! Your Aunt makes you high, my Aunt makes me low! I guess it just goes to show you that we’re all different even thought we’ve got the same rotten condition.

Keep smilin’

lol!!! thank you ladies.
Cathy- I have a bad habit of over thinking things. We did embarasse Dino!
Kristin, your bg’s are low…wow! Are you in the states are oversea’s traveling??? have you tried eating a snack before bed?
Karen- Your right…we are all different…same disease, different strokes for different diabetic’s.

LOL…debb you are lucky:) lucky, lucky ! I can’t believe people have problems with aunt dottie being taken away