Not sure what's going on

The past few days my fasting bg’s have been anywhere from 114-144. I thought the 144 fasting came from the “sugar free” candy I ate but I guess I was wrong. I ran last night and my bg’s where 145, I bolused, woke up this morning and my bg’s were 114. I am alittle freaked because usually my fasting is under 100. I am going to see what happens tomorrow morning; I think I may need to change my basal. My Aunt Dottie (girly thing) came to visit, may that’s the issue. I hope everything will get back to normal tomorrow morning. Crossing Fingers**


Hi Cherise: It could be Aunt Dottie or it could just be that your body is still going through the adjustment period. If Aunt Dottie is causing any stress at all (whether you know if or not) your BS will go up. It’s amazing that when I am under stress I can shoot up from 80-90 to up over 200 within under an hour. This whole D thing is just hard to figure out sometimes. Don’t panic yet. Give it another couple of days.

Keep Smilin’!



I’m amazed that your fasting blood sugars are so consistent!

I seem to need to reset basal rates every couple months (which I don’t do often enough).

Perhaps you should do a night time basal test to see when it is going up… (I need to do the nighttime basal test too, not my favorite!)

Hope they return back to normal! and way to go on having such great fasting BG!

Thank you all!! I think it has to be Dottie also, I guess I never really paid that much attention to it before. I did notice a few times but I thought it was just me. I love hearing for all of you! you help me think about it once and not stress about it.
Kristin- My bg’s are always good in the mornings, except for when I found out I was prego and right before I went on insulin.

yes this happened to me too…my BS gets whacky when aunt dottie visits…I’ve been told I get whacky too lol. The first time it happened I freaked out because I had such tight control of my BS for almost 2 weeks…then BAM they were all over the place. I was so frustrated because it seemed nothing I did worked… Until aunt dottie left~ lol…Same thing happened again when she stopped by this month too. I then realized there is even a “comment flag” for this on my one touch ultra meter…now I use it to mark those days on my meter.

OK I finally got it…Aunt Dottie.

I’m sitting here asking myself “Who the heck is Aunt Dottie? Is she like the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus?”

Now that I realize who she is so I…ahem…have to go. Good Luck!

thank you ladies…LOL and dino:) I’m not as stressed out but it suck’s…LOL