Fat legs and swollen feets

Yes I said feets 'cuz they both look like 2 pillows… I just started work again after being laid off for 5-6 months. Then I go back to work for a week and I look like the stay puff marshmallow man {or woman as this case is} I just thought I’d throw this out there for those who have this problem. I’ve been taken 2 fluid pills at night so I can walk but LORD do they hurt…


What does your doctor tell you? Has the doctor explained to you what is causing it? It sounds like hell.

Hi Bonnie,
I have this problem all the time. There are things that I do, depending on where I am that seem to help out a little If you are at the computer for a prolonged period of time, lean back and stretch your legs out for a bit. Bend your knees, wiggle your feet, anything to get the circulation going a bit. Just be sure to get your legs stretched out for a few minutes if you can. Also if you can get up and walk around for a little bit at least every hour is good. If you are are taking anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to get to work (driving or riding) the same principle applys. Do as much standing as you can during the early part of the day. Anything you can do to get the circulation moving is good, whatever is comfortable for you. Also, never forget your water pills I hope this helps out a little. If you are like me and cannot change the reason for why this happens, maybe if we can change a little bit of the day it will help the puffiness.

I have this problem but only around my period.It is partially from having children.My doctor told me that the valves don’t work as good.

No I haven’t seen a Dr. because I have no money or insurance.I work standing all day I wish I could sit. I have been taking water pills it helped some…I just wasn’t sure if it’s good for my kidneys.Thank you for your suggestions.

Water pills may help for short periods of time; you may also have to severely limit dietary sodium for a while.

I had a similar incident, the docs put me on diuretics, and while it reduced the swelling in my ankles, it caused my calves to swell painfully.

What works for me are watching my weight, watching my sodium intake, keeping physically active, and wearing compression hose.

I really hate that the compression hose nylons (pantyhose) look like “old lady hose”, but it beats the discomfort and cramping. I get both hose and socks (I’m one of those “jeans and sneakers” people whenever I get the chance) at Ames-Walker online; their own brand (RX Fit) is maybe half the price of anybody else’s.

Hi Bonnie,
I am sorry about the swelling. Since you are standing all the time, the reverse applys. Whenever you get a chance, put your feet up. If you have to stand at a register or a counter all the time, see if you can pick your feet up and down as much as you can. When you shower or bathe make sure you get all the soap off your skin, pat your legs and feet dry. Before you dress again, sit down on a bed or wherever you can stretch your legs out and massage your legs and feet gently with lotion. This helps out with the skin and also helps a little with the swelling. You will also want to be very conscious of the amount of salt you take in. Forget about chips or salted nuts or anything else like ham that has a lot of salt. If this is a lot of swelling, you will want to skip any hot dogs, sausage or bacon also. There are plenty of things left to eat instead of these, just be aware of salt content. Good luck. And please come back and let us know how you are doing.

Hi Bonnie! My mom told me once to take a juice size glass with straight real lemon juice when my legs and ankles and feet were swollen… Guess what? What… It works but the taste is YUCK! also wear Diabetic shoes that helps alot too! Your Endo has to write a script for them so your health insurance will pay either all of it or some of it…