FDA Approved Fiasp


Same. Although I believe we do 0%/100% to make it all extended for the protein/fat portion of the bolus. And because the X2 is so slow on the bolus, we enter the extended bolus first then put in the regular bolus. So all the keypressing on the pump gets done faster and no having to wait for the pump to finish something before finishing the pump entries.


Thank-you for posting this clear summary of the terminology differences between the various pumps. I think the pump manufacturers’ interest in protecting their intellectual property often comes at the cost of confusing our community.

Before I started using a do it yourself closed loop system, I dosed every meal with two boluses. I delivered an immediate bolus to cover the carb content of the meal and then followed with an extended bolus split 0%/100% to cover the protein and fat in the meal.

Like @Hammer, I calculated 50% of the protein grams and 10% of the fat grams and combined them as “equivalent carbs.” That way I could use the appropriate insulin to carb ratio to decide the total extended dose. I then delivered that extended dose at a rate not to exceed 1.2 units/hour, a setting custom to me but one I “borrowed” many years ago from posts on the “total available glucose” or TAG group here on TuD. So, if I needed to deliver 4.8 units to cover the equivalent carbs derived from protein and fat, then I extended that bolus to 4 hours (4.8/1.2=4).


i thought the X2 will only go as low as 5% ?
And yeah, it is SLOW… I never thought about doing them backwards like that…duh!


Well - I can’t claim credit for that.
It would my favorite T1 that knows all the ins and outs of the pump.


Afrezza label update today makes Fiasp look like the horse and buggy between onset and time of action. Hopefully they get it to Canada for you.


Scott Benner of the Juicebox Podcast interviews Todd Hobbs, Chief Medical Officer at Novo Nordisk, about faster rapid acting analog mealtime insulin, Fiasp. Worth the listen, especially if you intend to try it.

Note: I have no connection with this podcast except as an interested listener and as a person interviewed a few years back.

Here’s more about Fiasp from someone who’s used it for a while in the UK and decided to swap back to Novo-Rapid (Europe’s Novolog). Beware! Lots of charts and graphs.


Thanks! Having DGP…makes it extremely difficult to have but little control on glucose levels. And, now: apparently have some insufficiency with pancreatic enzymes??
Never seems to end…but I’m still here after 54+ years Of TI! Thanks to Jesus!!!