FDA-Patient Dialogue on Unmet Needs in Diabetes

I am really excited to be invited to take part with a number of patient advocates in a panel on November 3rd. The purpose of the panel as described by the FDA is "to facilitate the interaction of the FDA with the Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes communities to provide FDA with real-world perspectives as the agency deliberates complex policies that affect the safety and effectiveness of marketed products on which people with diabetes depend."

The agenda includes a set of presentations by FDA representatives and diabetes advocates followed by a set of two panels. The first, which I will be sitting on will include a number of well known diabetes advocates including our own Manny Hernandez. The second panel will turn things around and Kelly Close as a patient advocate will moderate a discussion among FDA representatives. The full agenda is on-line as well as the bios of all the speakers.

The whole meeting is going to be webcast on November 3, 1-4pm EST and I encourage you to attend. The invitation to the webcast is here and you are asked to register before the start of the session.

ps. And you may remember we posted about a survey for this meeting. Thanks to all those that took the time to respond to the survey from diaTribe for this meeting, over 5,000 responses were received and it will be presented at the meeting.

Just a reminder. I'm real excited about this even, over 1000 people have registered for the webcast.

I will be there @ 10 a.m. Pacific Time! Should be interesting.

the link says that the event is closed to register, but you may view the proceedings as a guest if you log on here at 1PM EST, am I correct? I don't want to miss this.


I'm having trouble with passing the "Adobe Connect Add-In" test. I've followed the fix-it suggestions and I'm still not passing this test. Any suggestions out there?

I tried to just log on to the meeting site which requires a password. I don't remember ever receiving a password. I clicked the "I forgot my password" about 10 minutes ago and have not yet received a return email. I don't have a good feeling about getting connected properly. I may just attend as a guest. I was hoping to have the ability to interact, if I wanted to.

Any suggestions?

Manny is there now. (and looking good in a suit and tie). he is tweeting about it using the hashtag #docasksfda so perhaps you can let him know your thoughts on twitter - his handle is @askmanny

I logged on as a guest and it worked. :)

Manny did look sharp. Here is a clandestine selfie of Manny and me in front of the FDA headquarters building. Don't tell anyone, you aren't supposed to take pictures of federal facilities.

Thanks to you all for going. I tried to get into the room a couple of times but was using my iPhone from work and it seemed taxed and didn't work. I checked twitter for the updates and it seems they oversold it? I gave up but I'm glad you all were able to participate! I'm glad for any chance to dialogue with the government as I believe that Medicare's mishandling of diabetes cascades throughout the insurance and healthcare industries and causes a lot of problem for those of us with boots on the ground. Thanks again team!!

yeah mike, the system totally crashed. it was hilarious in some way, in other ways disappointing… but i am still happy this panel took place and thanks to all the people that spoke there or made even the smallest contribution!!!

Thank-you to all that represented the rest of us at this panel. I did catch some of it but the technical problems degraded the experience. The parts I did see showed me that the FDA reps learned something about living with diabetes. Brian, I wish I could have heard your comments. Perhaps a good quality video will post. Thanks again!

I do hope that a record of the panel can be reconstructed. In the meantime I have posted a blog about my impressions of the meeting.

DiaTribe has posted a video of the patient panel. Thanks so much for their extra effort to capture this for posterity and for all those who tried to listen in during the failed webcast.