So today was probably the first time in my almost 5 years of being type 1 that someone I knew bluntly asked me if I was afraid of my future because of my diabetes. I’m in school to become a physical therapist so in class we have been told over and over to “look out” for diabetic complications. The girl that asked me this has been trying to loose weight and she is doing a great job. She knows I’m type 1, and said she is working out and eating good to keep from getting diabetes. She then went on to say she’d be freaked out if she had to keep hearing what we do in class about diabetes if she were me. I didn’t have a good response at the time and got pretty flustered. The thing is … I’ve already heard everything in class. I have good control, and yes I may not always eat the most healthiest choices. I just feel I shouldn’t live in constant fear that something may go wrong someday … SO at the end of this I’m just wondering how ya’ll feel about fear, and how you deal with questions like this from people that don’t walk in our shoes?

i just take it day by day. i try to enjoy life to the fullest and always be optimistic. i place the bad thoughts waaayyy in the back of my head. far enough to forget about them from day to day but close enough to realize if something bad is happening. i don’t think anyone should live in constant fear, you’ll never enjoy what you have in front of you. i deal with highs if they come and try not to beat myself up about them. i find courage from others with this disease. if anyone asks me i just comment that it’s all in how you take care of yourself. they are usually satisfied with that.

Hey Jess,

You’re right & you shouldn’t live in constant fear. What’s the point of living like that!

The many possibilities of what could happen lurks in the back of my mind. I deal with it by thinking of the good choices I try to make & forgive myself for being human & making bad ones–we deserve to lapse & enjoy life. I focus on the positive & work hard not to feel sorry for myself.

When people say insensitive things, I tell them I’m healthier than most people I know & maybe they should have their BG checked. I did have someone say something very similar to what that girl said to you. I told her that she probably would freak, we all did at first & that she’d handle it like we all do because we don’t have a choice.

Fear is for heights and driving too fast in a car and frothing-at-the-mouth dogs. I honestly don’t link diabetes and fear. Diabetes and worry, maybe. Diabetes and constant vigilance, definitely.

To deal with the questions like this, I try to answer calmly and realistically that with good medical care and a commitment to self-care, my outlook is more positive than negative. Then, I try to spread a little diabetes awareness by asking “Why do you ask? Are you concerned about diabetes yourself?”

Of course, while my mouth is moving, my brain is thinking “Yeah, don’t put your fears on me, buster. I don’t need 'em. I have enough to worry about, you big baby. You should see what I have to do and deal with every day …” Fortunately, my less mature side can often achieve this without actually speaking out loud.

haha funny!!

Thank you all for your responses it’s definitly helped to boost my mood.

I live one day at a time…and today is a good day. You cannot predict your future. Take are of yourself today and deal with the issues as they appear. Otherwise, you will live in fear and you will not enjoy the moment.