Feel a little freaked out

My morning reading was 116 this morning. This whole week my fasting was always under 100. Last night I reduced my 75/25 Humalog from 20 units to 18, guess that was not a good idea. Was just seeing what would happen b/c Friday night I went low.

I did maybe over the course of the day eat a bit more carbs than I normally do. Like maybe 30g more over the course of the day. Would this affect my fasting too?

(I also take Glucovance at morning and night. And I walked on my treadmill at least 2 times yesterday for probably about an hour total).

ETA: just remembered something else I ate yesterday . . . so maybe I ate 60g more carb than normal, yikes

I wish mine was 116 this morning. I can’t get mine under 120 unless I don’t eat anything the night before.
How many carbs do you usuall eat per day?
Do you measure in grams or carb servings?

Hi Rick, I go by grams of carb and I try to eat 30g or less per meal/snack. I eat 5-6 times a day and probably eat around 180g per day. Trying to eat less than that though but lately have been dealing with low blood sugars that I have to treat or try to prevent.

Are you saying you skip dinner? That doesn’t seem like a good idea. You could eat a low carb dinner and see if that helps. I have been eating more salads than I have ever eaten before and I feel much better.

This morning my fasting was 110. Wondering if the tortilla chips I ate while watching the Superbowl might be responsible?

Hi Sweeter,

No, I don’t skip dinner. I suppose I should have said that I don’t anything with many carbs or calories in it. I will usually eat a salad but sometimes that isn’t enough to get it less than 120. It’s crazy, during the daytime I check my b/s a couple hours after I eat and it goes up, then a while later it drops down to less than 120. At the present time when it gets to around 85 or so I get the shakes and feel faint.

I am hoping for the day my fasting level is consistantly under 120.

Do you eat protein as part of your dinner?

I used to feel shaky at around 85 too. I suppose you’ve heard about the false hypo and that it’s just your body adjusting to lower blood sugar levels.

I feel confident for you that if you keep working your diet and whatever treatment you are under, you will get to your goal!