Strange days? High numbers?

I work my diet and i have tight control over my “D” But today some thing is strange, i have been high. My fasting is normally 80-110 and after meals i’m 110-120.

Today i woke up to 97 and i have been around 130-140 all day. I dont think i did anything really different today. I was shocked just now to see 140, i ate a salad with some breaded chicken on it around 12:30 and just tested at 1:45. This normally only hits my sugar up around 125.

Does any one esle have days like this where they cant seem to find the reason why they got a high number?

No meds for me, just diet, and i only wish it was that easy with my HBP! :frowning:

Come to think of it, its been a bit high over the past 2 days and have added some random fresh carrots to my diet as a snack, that night BE IT!

Sometimes I resign to odd days like such. At first I panicked and revewed desperately where I have gone wrong. I check everything I did differently. Was my physical activities for the day insuficient? Did I get stressed? Was there too much breading in my chicken for lunch? Did I change my salad dressing? I do take note of the day. And I check BG more than the usual.

Mark, Are you possibly picking up a bit of a cold or sore throat? that can do it.