Glucose very high, then normal, what does this mean?

Perhaps a stupid question, but if i don’t ask i won’t get answers, right?
Yesterday at work didn’t eat much, numbers were ok ( i usually run above 100 even when i’m hungry), when i got home after 11:30 i got a 393 and i can’t remember eating anything after 9pm, i took it again a few minutes later and got 77. This is odd because i changed the batteries on my meter 7/31 and i always wash my hands thoroughly before i poke my fingers. I split my Glyburide in half (2.5 in am & again in the evening) I had a bagel after that (around 1am) and took it again and it was 142, then this morning at 6:21(going several hours without anything to eat) 130 (but again i’m always over 100).
Was it just my meter acting up or was it me?

Sounds like a bad strip.

You did the right thing. Always test again when you see a weird result, especially if you don’t feel bad or there is no reason for the reading.

I too stay above 100 when hungry. I have had only a few in the 90’s.
I work 7p-7a so I have a wierd eating schedule. I can go without eating plus working on my feet for several hours and be in the 130-150’s. I can have a snack before going to bed and awaken at 110; not have a snack and be 130s-150s. Go figure. Type 2 can be a roller coaster pain in the hinny, especially when doing shift work.

I work second shift so i’m usually up at 9am and really don’t eat breakfast ,except a small snack to take with my meds, then i have lunch and am off to work, then dinner by 6 or 7. Even when hungry my numbers are hardly ever below 100, usually between 100-120 & rarely they’re 130-150. I’m still kind of having the Dawn Phenomenon in the morning where it runs above 126.

Nancy, this is my pattern exactly. Been having higher early am readings (130-150) lately and was slipping off my carb counting a bit. Am trying to be more strict about a late night snack of 15g to get more consistency. If I keep to my 6 eats a day 30/15/30/15/30/15 I am good.