Feel high but I am low

I have used two different sugar testers, so they are right. I have all the signs of being high but I am low. I feel tired, thirsty and sick. I ache all over. I am expecting high sugars but they are not high.

Normally if I am ill my sugars go up, so I am very confused.

Your body is going to respond differently just about all the time. Insulin is a hormone and sometime you will never know how your body will respond. For me if I am sick I will normally go high, but if I am throwing up I will go low. I have had the flu for the past 2 weeks and somehow my sugars have actually stayed within normal ranges the entire time which is odd for me when I am sick as well.

This has happened to my daughter too. It doesn’t happen often, i don’t know why.

alot of times when i am dropping i initally feel symptoms of being high…extreme thrist/dry sticky mouth… I dont know why either, just think it is a one of those things. This seems almost silly to mention, but you could also be slightly dehydrated—i have noticed that sometimes if i feel high but am really low, and think back on what i have drank that day, that my fluid intake is many times lower than most days. Just a thought.

I didn’t even think about how much I have drank recently. Thank you.

Whats gastroparesis?

I did a ketone check and have no ketones

Almost the exact same thing happened to me last night… turned out I was just dehydrated. Funny how we’re conditioned to think it’s always diabetes related (because hey, it usually is!). It’s terrifying when we’re just really thirsty. :slight_smile:

Rebekah, Do remenber that although you have diabetes that does not mean you may not have some other illness as well. I have had Type 1 for nearly 70 years and would advise you to see your doctor asap. Something is upsetting your balance and it could be serious. Very best wishes Brian

I don’t feel the highs really but then I haven’t been over 200 since I started taking insulin a month and a half ago when diagnosed. The lows tho really get me, shaky, sweating, and weak, but then my sugar is still pretty much all over the place yet and they told me cus it was so high for so long I may not feel the highs until my body gets used to being “normal”. I was dxd 1.12.08 and am still learning about this disease. Also was dxd type 1 at 47 years old with no previous history other than type 2 running in the family. No type 1 at all that i can find out through out the family. Because I am all over the place but usually low, they reduced my lantus by 4 units a day. The problem is that the minute I get stressed my sugar bottoms out on me. Also if I sleep, when I get up my sugar has gone, doesn’t matter if it is a nap or going to bed for the night. So anything that upsets me, emotional, or physical (like pain).I can almost feel my sugar drain away. Real spooky, for a newbie. Take care and hang in there I am told this will improve over time, I hope. lol


Sugars do drop when you sleep. I am not sure why. My nurse said it was some hormone released in your sleep.

The strange thing is, though, she also said that stress usually makes sugars go up, but I always go low with stress.