Confusing Highs with Lows

Over the last week or so my body has been confusing the symptoms of high BG with low. When I’m low I have all the symptoms of being high (thirsty, frequent trips to the bathroom, cranky, feeling like I’m getting the flu) and when I’m high I have all the symptoms of low (shaky, anxious, cold sweat, increased heart palpitations etc).

It’s a good thing I always test before correcting or I’d be in serious trouble. Last night for example I felt sure I needed a couple of units of insulin to correct what I thought would be a mid 200s BG, only to find out I was 59 and in need of sugar.

Anyone know about this, why it’s happening, what’s causing it?

That is strange. I have experienced the symptoms of a low (shaky etc) when I was actually high, but not the other way around.


So I still don’t know what caused this or why, but apparently my system needed a “reboot” or kick in the butt to get back on track. The other night/early morning I woke feeling miserable and found my infusion set disconnected. I tested in the mid 400s and corrected. Ever since then my body’s been back to normal with the usual signs for both Hypos and Hypers.

Glad that things are “back to normal”. Sorry that you needed a 400 to get you back there. I know those are exhausting!

For 15 years I had the same symptoms as what would be expected… highs made me thirsty, a little hungry (due to starving cells), and often a headache to go with it. Lows were quite different. Shaky, bad vision sometimes, general fatigue. I switched over a few years ago, and now it sort of feels opposite. Thank goodness for the CGM and blood meters!

Swings. Infection.

This rarely happens to me, but there have been a few times that I can remember thinking, as I’m walking to grab the meter, “man, why do I feel so high right now…” only to discover that I’m in the 50’s. Its a scary feeling, really makes me rethink those “blind” correction boluses… (yes, I should know better)


I know. I’ve been guilty of that as well.