Feeling alone in this battle

I was recently diagnosed W/ diabetes. I take 5 pills a day and insulin at night. My Father and Maternal Grandmother were diabetics. They are both passed on now. When I was first told I was diabetic I freaked out. But so far I’m getting things under control. I have lost 15 lbs. in 3 weeks. I exercise and eat right. I just feel so alone in all of this. I’m glad My Nutrionist gave me the info. for this sight. Thank You! I’m not going to let this disease get me down. claudia

You go Claudia!!! But never feel alone. You always have friends here that are more than willing to listen and offer thoughts and ideas.

I was diagnosed in 1988 and I wish I could have found this site earlier than I did. I have only been on here for a couple weeks but this site is the best!!

Keep your spirits up and you can beat whatever comes your way!!

Thanks I need that!

Welcome to the greatest place on earth for a diabetic. I’m about 9 months into this. And yes, it does feel lonely at times, but man is there a lot of help and encouragement here. The really scary part is all the unknowns, but I know I can come here and get the info or at least get directed to a good source for answers to my questions.I had zero knowledge about D a year ago so everything was unknown to me. Then I met with a CDE and realized that I would have to figure this out for myself (her advise made no sense to me). I assume from you post that at least you have a basic understanding of what you need to do. Hopefully that takes some of the anxiety away.

Good luck and cruise these forums and blogs.