Feeling alone :/

I have been a type 1 Diabetic for 20 years, and in this time I never had a Type 1 friend. So I always felt alone… Even though my mom was helpful and my family and friends supportive I never felt like they truly under stud how I felt. In the beginning parties didn’t have anything diet, no artificial sugar, no vegs just sweats and carbs. You all know how this feels, the side ways look of “can you have this” and the “let me hide and eat my cake” and “I’m going to go into a diabetic coma eating all these sweats… hahahah” well I’m so overly happy to have found this site :slight_smile: like so happy. A place were almost everyone is just like me :). I really cried the first night when I started to read other peoples blogs and comments. I don’t feel so alone anymore. So to the creators THANK YOU LOTS

Welcome to the best D site on the net, and the TuD family. Keep browsing, and ask whatever you want!

Thanks <3

I felt the same. But the truth is ; you are not alone my friend. And as you say - this is a super site with wonderful people! A big wave all the way from Norway :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’ve found us then! We’d all love to be your insulin-impaired friends. :slight_smile:

Thank you Tord and Mag :slight_smile: