Feeling alone

Deep, philosophical question here:
What do you do when you feel completely and totally alienated by some issue of diabetes(or diabetes itself)? No one understands, no one.
"Just deal with it, honey, it’s not that bad."
I’ve tried the being of an island unto oneself, and it doesn’t work. Just makes one more alienated.
This place is great, but I feel like the only catharsis is meeting another type 1 in person, I wish more lived around here.


I understand how you feel. I’ve been a T1 for over 21 years and there have been, it seems, a million times, where I feel like I’m all alone and when I seek comfort from someone, all I get is “it’s not that bad” and “it could be worse.”

Since there are not a lot of diabetics around you, please use this site as much as you can. You have a whole web family (corny, but true) who understand your daily struggles, depression, anger, etc… and we will also share in the victories with you and rejoice at the challenges you meet.

If you e-mail me, I’ll give you my personal e-mail address or even phone number - I’m all about the encouragement!

I can assoiate with that feeling all to well but now always remember we’re here to help you when you start feeling that way! We have talked before but I took diabetes back in 73 here in the US comming from a small family and a small town you had NOONE to talk to about this now you do! I think this is great for those of us who had to keep the searet for so long! What did I do before that well to be totally honest I just sat and felt sorry for myself! I did have a cousin who was diabetic but back then she was longdistance on the telephone so I just had to wait 1 or 2 weeks for her to come to my house! My mom was my 1 saving grace I would talk to her when noone else would listen. Sometimes I think she didn’t listen to what I was saying but it helped just having her there! Try talking to someone even if they don’t listen. This may bring you out of that depression your in. That’s what it sounds like to me. We’re known for that and if you need to talk I’m here! Take care and remember YOUR NOT ALONE ON THIS! I’m with Katrinia on this. If you e-mail me I will give you my E-mail address or even my phone number if you want to talk off line about this!

I usually try to forget about what is bothering me. I know it sounds horrible but I often repeat to myself that it could be worse. I once knew this man with some sort of bone cancer. He was in pain everyday and there was a great chance of it coming back. I think of him a lot when I am thinking to myself “why me”.

I would like it if I actually had a close friend with diabetes but I don’t so I have been looking on this site and finding out that I am not alone. Diabetes can be a very lonely disease.

I cry and wail in the shower.
I pound pillows.
I write dramatic poetry.
I play solitaire online.
I try my best not to go on an “nothing makes any difference and I’m gonna die early” eating binge.
I sort papers and clean cupboards.
I hug trees.
I write down 100 things I’m thankful for.

thanks everyone, I will be emailing some of you!
It will help to get it off my chest.

I have T2 but I’m sure you don’t mind me chipping in. Being young and T2 makes me feel alone. Most people I know who have T2 are much older than I am and don’t seem to care about diabetes as much as I do.

Whenever I’m feeling alone, I listen to songs with uplifting lyrics. A favourite is Martina McBride’s ‘Anyway’. I go for a run or a swim to clear my mind. I cry till I feel better (hey, it’s therapeutic). I execute a couple of pilates moves because it makes me concentrate on something other than my feelings and deep breathing techniques used in pilates calm me down. And I write whenever and wherever I feel alone. Or chat with a friend (sadly mostly non-diabetic) who will listen to all my complaints. That helps me lots. I’m with the rest on the email bit too!