Feeling Better!

I’m really starting to get the hang of this whole carb counting business. Since I have started getting used to it I have been feeling a WHOLE lot better. My BG have been in my target range and just that alone has made me happy. I’m not as sleepy as I normally am. I’m just starting to have a whole different outlook on where I’m at and where I want to be. I guess you can say that I’m just starting to take control over my own well being instead of asking why me? New attitude, New do, and New me! :slight_smile:

Yea!! Happy that you are feeling better.

Thanks me too!

Jazz, U R doing fabulous things for yourself and your health… I am so pleased that you are getting the “Hang” of it!!

God Bless,

Thanks Brunetta…I am really proud of myself. It’s because of TU because I really didn’t know what the heck I was doing. Thanks I’m going to keep trying.

It took me until about a year ago to just start taking care of myself and quit asking “WHY ME?”, it is good to hear you took control soon!

Oh snap Jazz as I wrote on you wall I am feeling exactly how you was feeling at this point,its lovely.

LOL I’m glad when people with diabetes get this attitude. Fact is it’s something that’s going to be with us for the rest of out lives. No need to dwell in our misery. Learn to work with it and still live life to the fullest. I know I still want to get marry have kids and a great career. I want it all girl! lol and want everyone else to have it all as well. :slight_smile: