Having a bad day!

i am having one of those i hate diabetes day!!! i have been crying on and off and am getting really mad at my blood sugars from always being high. I do the best i can to count carbs but its so annoing to bring out my little book to look up everything excat!!! ughhhhhhh! i hate this! my mom and i keep fighting and i just want it to go away. I am so tired of thinking about bg when i go to bed in the middle of the night and when i wake up. it just puts a frown on my day! i would do anything for a cure!!! i hope that Artificial pancress project comes thrugh to the FDA! sooon!!!
if you read this thanks for reading !

going to go count more carbs!!! my brain hurts

Hi, Alyssa, I’m here to give you a big hug, and I agree with everything my friend Robert said. You’ve only been dealing with all this stuff for a month, and soon you will do better with the carb counting and everything. Give yourself a break, and reward yourself when you figure things out. Remember that a high number is just a number, it’s not a “score” on how good a person you are. Don’t let it get you down, because there are multiple reasons for the highs, and sometimes, even after having the d for 41 years, I can’t figure it out. So I just say to myself, “wow, I’m glad I caught that high bg now”, instead of later, so I take a correction bolus and carry on with life. Of course I get down and sad too about it. I think that there’d be something wrong with you if you didn’t get sad about having to do all this crap for the rest of your life. That is a good time to come here, and talk to us, because we really get it. Robert there is one of the best.

anyway, here’s hoping today is a good day for you, Alyssa!

Hey Alyssa, I agree with all the above comments. It is just a matter of time. One advice: don’t fight with your parents; maybe they are more worried than you are. Remember that you are the only person that can make your life better and beautiful.
I was diagnosed at the same age that you were. Right know I have a perfect and normal life, without more limitations than any other “normal” person. In the long way, everybody have to take care about carbs and stuff regarding their health. So don’t worry, take one step at a time and you will find the best way to control your sugar level. And don’t be worried if you get mad…, everybody does.
I am sending you a big hug from Venezuela.

Hi Alyssa, I just joined this group I have type1 diabetes for the last 7 yrs. Iwont take up much of your time but one of the best things that has helped me is my new meter One Touch Ultra smart… it records everything for me … NO stupid book!!! Ihate everything about diabetes but I really hate the time I have to spend on it . My meter really does help with that and being able to give myself a shot anywhere, hopefully shielding myself from any on lookers. I hope to hear from you…we will never have a NORMAL life but I am hoping with the support of this page I can feel a part of a NORMAL group that WE ALL ARE TOGETHER. We can all have a wonderful life with a little support from eachother. ( that really is the only thing my life is missing!)

i have those days too. not fun. diabetes is not fun =( feel better hunni