Feeling better

I am down to 250 and already feeling better. The new doc has me on insulin and byetta right now. Got my meter now so I feel like I am officially in the club now.

Oh it is officially Type 2 diabetes. Now I know what I have. Now for just keeping control of this.

Glad to hear your sugar is down. This is definatly a learning experience but seems like you are on the right track!

I was worried about you from your earlier blog. I am so glad the BGs are coming down. I’m sorry you got the official diabetes diagnosis, this is one club where I would be happy if we never had a new member. Lean on the community here on Tu as you navigate this new way of life. Diabetes doesn’t have to get in your way, it’s all about your attitude.

Hi Michael I am so glad your PCP knew to send you to a specialist… I live in San Antonio too, finally someone from my city… I am so glad your sugars are finally going down…you will be getting alot of information now that you are officially a D, but there are alot of supportive and kind people here on this site. I have learned so much…you will find that each and everyone of us is so different from each other on what our bodies will tolerate and not. It’s a trial and error thing . I was dxd in 97 and i am still learning how some foods react in my body…bananas are my enemies…they just raise my sugars forever… So what color was your new meter?

I am so glad your sugar is down and you are feeling better! We are all here to help each other. Wishing you only the best!