Feeling Like a Horder

This is me, a naturally unorganized individual with diabetes. Combine the two and there’s an infiltration of supplies, dishes and dog hair scattered about my house. I wander around aimlessly trying to change the sensor for an hour in a pile of supplies and dog toys hoping that I get good signal and not have to go through the entire process again. To all of my super organized diabetes hero’s I commend you. I’m getting there, one swiffer pad at a time.


I don’t think my situation is quite as bad as yours, but I do have a lot of animals at my house—three cats and a dog…and all their stuff.

Sounds fun! What tips can you provide?! We’re all imperfect but I’m definately lacking severely in the cleaning department. :joy:

A weekly cleaning lady is the only thing that has really helped. I go to work on Mondays. When I come home, the house is nice and clean, sheets changed, bed made, dishes washed and put away.

I work a lot. I don’t want to spend what little down time I have cleaning the house.


LOL. I can’t handle chaos very well. One of my pet devices at home is my Brother P-Touch labeler. “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place”, as they say. I don’t like to scatter similar items–I’ve got a drawer in the vanity with everything I need to change sensors and infusion sets. All the chemicals, dressings, etc. I have shelves in my closet that hold my stash of strips and other items that won’t fit in the vanity drawer. It’s all within arm’s reach so that I can get through a set change or sensor change with a minimum of fuss and time wasted. 2-3 minutes for a set change, and not sure how long for my sensor change–I wait a bit for the Unisolve to loosen the dressing so it doesn’t irritate my skin during removal.

Ahhh the drawer, I have this as well. It’s the after supplies that get tossed around like a forth graders confetti party. Late for work or pick them up? Naaahhh I’ll leave it. :wink:

I have supplies “everywhere” too – Some orgranized, some just stashed…