New here :)

Hi all…Im brand new here, found out about this group through myspace (thanks LeeAnn!). Im coming up on my 20th year with diabetes in May, no complications, still going very strong!!
I just graduated from college and will be obtaining a masters degree in nursing to hopefully become a nurse practitioner in a few years. I have a hypoglycemia alert service dog, a black lab named Destiny who I got from Dogs4Diabetics and she has literally changed my life. I can run my blood sugars in the 80s and not worry about going low, because she catches my lows before they happen (most of the time).
Im excited to lurk in the forums and “meet” you guys…thanks for the welcome.

welcome Breanne! glad you found this community… oh you will like it here… you can ask anything and expect to get answers from fellow diabetics.

Im excited to learn how Destiny catches those lows?

Welcome to the community!

Yay!! Breanne!! :slight_smile:

Hey Breanne. I used to come here last year but I wasn’t crazy about. I am glad I listened to Lee Ann and tried it out again.
As an aside, you are lucky to have this girl join the groups, she is the diabetes guru in our other group. If I have a medical q i am always am glad when Breanne responds, she’s the best!

Hey Breanne! Welcome to Tudiabetes. I’m Happy to hear that you have no complications with that may years. Good job!! Congratulations on gradulating from College and Special Luck in obtaining your Masters in Nursing. You’re MUCH needed!
Hey, Good doggie Destiny! :o) Enjoy your new Forum.

Welcome, Breanne! I’m really curious about your dog. I’ve read that some dogs can tell when blood sugar is low/dropping and I think it’s amazing. I’m hypo unaware and would love to be alerted when my BG is dropping but I’m allergic to dogs, already have 2 cats and live in a small apartment that doesn’t allow dogs. My cats are totally useless when it comes to helping me out!

welcome i am new here too about a month… i think its important for us all to talk and sometimes just vent

I think I welcomed you on your page but Welcome join our discissions! You were able to get an alert dog good for you! Diabetes takes such tight control that Destiny will be alot of help to you! GREAT!!!