Feeling pretty stupid

Today at the gym an older man fell off the treadmill. Turns out the man had type 2, but his glucose level was 202 so he certainly wasn’t hypoglycemic, he just didn’t know how to use the equipment properly. Anyway, he was ok, although the paramedics were called and the man was shaken.

So, my husband and I were still talking about it, while I was giving my prelunch shot, and I gave myself 7 units too much quick acting insulin.
I realized it as soon as I did it. I am having to eat way too much food to stay stable. No big deal, but I need to remember to always concentrate when giving shots. You would think that after 60 yrs of this, I would have this down. LOL


At least you didn’t biff it off a treadmill and need the medics. I’ve seen so many people biff it this week. They always look so embarrassed. Sometimes its a really extravagant, animated fall. I have to turn away in case I smile. I feel terrible if I laugh.


Now, I am somewhat scared. Blood sugar got down to 49, and I am stuffing myself with glucose tablets, dried fruit, and juice. Realize that the injectable glucagon isn’t with us. I haven’t used it in years, but would be a heck of a lot cheaper than calling an ambulance or worse. Only good thing that is happening at the moment is that a huge bald eagle just landed outside the window.

Just tested and am at 75. Now in a little bit I will probably need more insulin. Ahhh the life of a diabetic on a stupid day.


After 50 yrs T1D I still make dumb mistakes. Recently I gave myself a meal bolus twice. So like you I recognized early enough I needed to eat, eat, eat.


Yea, you always have to stay focused. I have had a few mistakes, an extra dose or too much because I lost focus, or the how much did I just take? Because I wasn’t paying enough attention… I always try to hush my husband when he talks to me and reminding him I need to stay focused! A pump has been so much easier to not make those kind of mistakes, besides it keeps a record, the mistakes have been more along the lines of not knowing the carbs in something I ate and guessing wrong!

Don’t you just love the I have to eat more I’m still dropping to finally it hitting and then having to take more insulin??? Aaargh!

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The other day i dosed 14U instead of 7. I double dosed. The next thing I knew I was pushing 31 and sucking down everything I can find. one thing to remember is that in a pinch go to a McDonalds and buy a drink, then go for the regular soda. When in deep trouble I look for a place like that.


First day of a new G5 sensor, absorbed in a project or meeting, low alarm starts blaring every 5 minutes Pavlovian conditioning kicks in and eat some snacks distracted from doing finger stick. BG shoots up and realize CGM was reading 30-40 mg/dl low for ½ hour and then need to work to get blood back to normal. When that happens, I feel really, really, really stupid.


Not stupid at all. This is daily stuff that comes with our attempts to take over for our pancreas.


Marilyn, we’ve all done stuff like that. How many diabetes treatment decisions do you make in a day? Or a year, or since you’ve been diagnosed?

Give yourself credit for realizing your mistake in time to treat it and prevent a much more serious consequence. Many years ago when I was using MDI, I was distracted following one half of my wife’s phone conversation in the next room about the health of one of my elderly parents. I drew up fast-acting insulin instead of my long-acting and didn’t realize my mistake until I was transported in the wee hours via ambulance to the emergency room.

Stuff happens. We are survivors playing the long game. Feeling a bit sheepish about a cognitive error is just life’s way of helping you remember to not do that again. I’m glad you’re OK!


I’ve been back calculating extra carbs to bring up lows instead of using the 15 gm carbs rule. It often works really well, but sometimes not very well at all.