Feeling so insulin resistant today :(

so it happens again; the excellent few weeks and then BOOM a really bad one. I woke up this morning 234 (very high for me) I took my lantus 22 units (which is one extra than i usually take) and i bolused 3 units of apidra. then i ate breakfast…spinach sauteed in olive oil seasoned with a little salt and pepper. i waited an hour and now im 283. I dont know what to do anymore :frowning:

Are you before your period? That’s usually when I get resistant. It drives me nuts because nothing seems to bring me down when that happens. I have a different basal setting on my pump for the week before my period, and that’s the only thing that has made a dent in my premenstural high.

Well, you know what to do. You pick yourself up off the floor and you get right back into the fight. You wait, then you test, then you bolus more if needed. And then, you remind yourself, diabetes is uncaring and relentless and this high is not a personal reflection on you as a person. The measure of a person is “how” they fight, not whether they get knock down.

ps. I actually do better with a few carbs in the morning, it tells my liver to shut up.

i am. but i rarely shoot this high, even before my period. i raised my lantus from 20 to 24…still high, new bottle also. do your number come back down once you get your period finally?