My numbers have gone crazy!

When i thought things were going right, 2 days ago, after a good day, my numbers have gone up in the evening (180-220). I managed to get them down after 4 hours with a lot of insulin, or at least more than i used to need. When i went to bed, i had 14 units of lantus (instead of 12-13).
Yesterday at about 6 am my bg was 57. Corrected it, went back to bed and the next one was 108. I had a good day with numbers between 80-90. Two hours after my lunch it was 120. One and a half hour after that (so 3 and 1/2 h after meal) i felt a little high. I didn’t think that was possible (it nevers happens; i usually go lower after 3h), i checked my bg and it was 216!! After 2 hours i got it down to 180 and after 3 hours got it down to 126. I made 14 units of lantus and went to bed. At 6 am this morning bang…180! I have no explication for that, because things were similar to the other night when i went low in the morning. I corrected it the same i did last night and went low…
I really don’t understand what is going on. I’m assuming my needs for insulin ar increasing (i am 20w and 2d pregnant), but i didn’t expect it to go so strong on me. What is confusing is that it seems that what works in the morning doesn’t in the evening. I hope i work it out soon, because i’m scared this hurts the baby.:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
Any advice?

Today was great so far, excepting the morning 180.
Before lunch i had 68, 1h after still 68, 2h after 74 and 3h after 77. I ate about 50g of carbs and took 20u of apidra and i usually took 14u.
Now, 3h later, i ate 150 of yougurt and a banana…i made 6u of apidra, although i usually take 4 or less. I’m still afraid of the 2 last evenings with hyper, but don’t want to go low either.
I’m planning on increasing my lantus to 16u tonight.

Hi! I just saw this. Yes, I also have days where I do everything the same, but my blood sugar responds differently!! It may be that your insulin needs are starting to increase more, but some days more than others. I remember have this around weeks 20-23.

How are you doing now?

I don’t know what happend those days (i wasn’t sick or stressed), but things got back to normal. I still had one 180 every day, but i’m trying to work that out.
At night i take 14 units of lantus and in the morning it doesn’t get higher than 100. The meal bolus is the same so far.

I have also found that now on most days, I will go above 160 about once a day. As my insulin needs are increasing, I can’t keep it perfect everyday.

My endo reassured me that we should avoid as many highs as possible, but said that I should not worry when these highs happen, just make sure that they don’t stay high!

Do you measure with mg/dl? I see you always post your numbers in that way. In Hungary, we use mmol/L (where normal blood sugar is 4-6.5.

Most of my meters measure in mg/dl. I have one that was sent to me from Ireland that measures in mmol/L, that i had been using until yesterday. I was transforming the numbers because i saw everyone here usese mg/dl.
Now i finished my teste for that meter and use a mg/dl one.
Last night, as i stayed awake untill 2 am, i thought why don’t i measure a couple of times, in order to see how thing are going in the night. I was pleased to see that my numbers were 110 at 22.30, 105 at 00.30 and 92 at 2 am. This morning at 8 it was 72.
I don’t stay high because i always feel what goes over 150. Yesterday at one hour after breakfast i had a 8,7 and i panicked, tooked a bolus and of course had a 2,6 one hour later. I don’t know why it went up after one hour, it usually doesn’t happen.

Yes, I did this for a while when I used both systems as well. Now I am using only mmol/L.

Wow! Sounds like your blood sugars are great! Yes, don’t worry about those highs – sounds like you are correcting them right away.

Today i thought i was having a high, took it and it was 95. Sometimes the symptomps are missleading.
I still don’t know what to do about the hypo i get sometimes 2-3 h after meals. If i want to keep my numbers between 90-120 after 1 and 2h, i go even lower. If i lower my basal, i go too high in the morning (and maybe in the night). I think the only solution is to have a snack at 2.30-3h after meals.