Feeling the numbers

So I am just wondering at what age you start to feel your highs and lows, My daughter is 5 and it seems like the highs don’t even bother her. She notices she is low when she gets to about 50. She fluctuates so fast that even if I test her every 2 hours we still don’t catch the highs and lows. So I have read that some of you feel like junk at 200’s is that true for most??? We did try a continuous glucose monitor and it was nice but the technology is almost too new and the kinks need to be worked out for me to trust it again. With that you can miss lows and when you have a 5 year old who can’t feel them, that can get scary!!

i shake and have like an almost epileptic seizure when i’m low, but don’t feel a thing when i’m high

I feel like total &%#$ at 200! But it does depend on a lot of factors.
I’m less likely to feel the effects of being high (or low) if:

  • I’m particularly active
  • it’s come on slowly
  • I’m already tired / thirsty / grumpy and don’t think to blame it on the blood sugars.

Also if I’ve had a lot of high numbers then I get the opposite of hypo unawareness… hyper unawareness. These days my control is tight and I feel cruddy before I even hit 8 (144). But it depends what my normal range is at the time. Even if I’m mostly good but am going through a roller coaster stage with lots of highs & lows, I’m much less likely to feel anything (which only adds to the trouble!)

At her age I’d expect it to be hard to feel lows & highs. She’s probably more active than an adult, she’s still too young to have the maturity to stop & think about how she’s feeling, and I doubt a kid that age could have control as tight as an adult can manage… so I guess it really is a matter of lots & lots of testing, and slowly teaching her what to look out for.

It isn’t about age, it is about how frequent the lows are and how low the person’s body is used to being.

The more you avoid lows, the more sensitve the body gets to them.

Same is true with highs. I was walking around in the mid 200s for years, and had no clue. Now that I have brought my blood sugars down to the normal range if I end up in the 200s I feel horribly poisoned.

At one point I had my blood sugar under such good control that going up to 160 make me feel dreadful. Worsening control got me better used to that level.

The blood sugar regulating system works entirely by comparing the current blood sugar to what it is accustomed to.

HI, I see your new to all of this, my daughter is 6 and wasdxd on june 29-07. My daughter can’t always recognize when she’s high, usually she feels sick, head ache and some times hyper. I have also found out that she can show signs of being high and her #'s are Low, so watch out for that. I do the same as others said, i check her, then ask her how she feels then let her know what her # was. She can also to from 480 down to 50 in a matter of an hour, when it changes fast she is less likely to notice. Most of the time I can tell my looking at her or even holding her if her #'s are off. If you do have a very high # you may want to double check to make sure you didn’t have something on the fingers, this happened once. Depending how her #'s are day to day her body may think that this is normal and won’t react. when she was first dxd her body thought that 250 was low. Take care, it all takes time and we’re always learning.

Suzie, i was reading your blog, you have a dxd on 12-07, but reading your blog your daughter has been dxd for over a year? Sorry i thought your were new to this all. But like you said everything is always changing

I agree with alot of the others. If you run higher, you will notice symptoms of a low quicker, because your body is not used to them. As far as highs, I personally don’t feel bad until I get to the high 200’s then I feel really tired and crappy.
Isay it is all trial and error, just experiment with how she feels , and take notes so you can compare. She is young and won’t remember oh last time I felt like this I was high. good luck, Linda

Yes it was 12/06 not 07!! I seems like it was yesterday though!!\

I know when I was a kid and first was diagnosed that it took me awhile to notice the symptoms of a low. I knew I felt weird, but it was hard to describe. Maybe she feels it but doesn’t understand it yet. I know it always starts with weird stomach pains. Highs are harder to notice. YOu don’t always feel it physically. Sometimes you don’t know at all.