When do you feel high?

Lately I haven't hit the high teens much, and I was hoping that this might help me feel high at lower levels. Usually I don't feel high until I'm up at around 14 (250 mg/dl) or higher for a few hours. Sometimes even then, I don't notice anything. I know a CGM would probably help this, but it annoys me sometimes that I don't feel high at lower levels, because it means I don't realize I'm high until I test.

This morning I was 6.9 (124 mg/dl) before breakfast, and when I went to bolus my pump alarmed that the cartridge was too low. So I went and refilled it. I tested just now, an hour and a half after breakfast, and was all flabbergasted to find that I was 18.7 (337 mg/dl). Then I realized that after refilling my pump I had forgotten to redo the bolus.

I hear people talk about how they feel high at 160 or 180 and I wonder if I can train myself to do that, because this morning I had no idea! I'm curious what levels people feel high at and if it's changed over time. I do notice these days that if I'm high for a few hours I feel terrible (sooo tired, thirsty, blurred vision) which I don't remember happening when I was younger, but I don't tend to feel high until I'm really high for at least several hours.

I feel a high very quickly, but I am insensitive to lows - go figure.

I'm not that sensitive to lows, either. I tend to feel first symptoms of a low at around 2.8 to 3.1 (50 to 55 mg/dl), and those symptoms are pretty vague (just feeling "weak" is the best I can describe it, since I don't get shaky or sweaty or anything). If I have more than a few lows per week the level at which I first feel low really drops off, too. I think having diabetes since I was a kid has desensitized my body to blood sugar fluctuations.

i am amazed that people can feel high at 140 or 16o! i can be at 220 and feel fine. i dont want to be at 220 and feeling fine. the nly symptom i get is the thirst. it always reminds me of the month prediagnosis when i drank so much and was still thirsty, every minute of every day and night. i always test when i get that thirst.
the only times i ever felt bad were a couple of times during or after exercise, when i was up at like 220-lots of nausea and being really tired.
last week i had a 285-highest number ever since diagnosed almost two years ago-and i felt TERRIBLE! like my stomach was on fire. awful. i took one unit of insulin and was back down to 143 two hours later. hows that for insulin sensitivity?

Sometimes I think I'm high because I feel thirsty, and when I test I'm not. I always think thirst equals high, even though it could just mean I'm thirsty.

I actually find it annoying that I can run at say 200 for days in a row and feel fine. I often don't realize that I've been running high for two days until I look back at my meter history, since there's no feeling bad to clue me in. If I'm running at 300 for a day or more then I tend to feel terrible, reminds me of pre-diagnosis, and I definitely try everything to get back down.

I just dropped from 18.7 to 8.4 (337 to 151 mg/dl) in the past hour! I took a huge correction so now I'm worried about crashing. I checked the high three times and on two meters, so I'm sure it's accurate. I've been more active than usual the past few days, so maybe that's why, but that's still a massive drop. Sometimes I can't wait to get a CGM, I think my blood sugars would make so much more sense ...

I usually feel high at anything over 140, above that and my vision gets blurry and I feel weird, achy, tingling gets worse etc. There are times though that I don't feel it as much or at all, especially if I wake up high. It is very variable for me though. I don't get really thirsty like when I was going into dka. I can always tell when I hit 200 by my really blurry distance vision and by pain- I get very achy.

I think if you work at keeping yourself in a lower range with the cgm maybe you can feel it at lower levels.

That's interesting. Usually if I wake up high is when I notice it right away, probably because it usually means I've been high for hours while I slept.

I am planning on getting the Dexcom/Vibe as soon as it comes to Canada (if I can afford it, as it probably won't be covered), and I'm really hoping that will help a lot. I've had MUCH better control since changing to metal infusion sets, but I think one of my big problems is my blood sugar can change really fast, not just sort of "drifting" but "shooting" so that it changes so fast that I have no idea what is going on sometimes.

It is strange.. I'm not sure why it happens, but sometimes I do wake up and feel high too. I hope you get the vibe soon there and it's not too expensive. that is great about the metal sets :) I know what you mean about rapid changes because I get that too and sometimes a high can feel like a low when it starts too, I get this dizzy feeling and palpitations- it can be very confusing. The other night I ate 2 cough drops which I though were sugar free and ok and I went rapidly from 80 to 185.

I don't really have any sense of being high on a recognizable basis. Sometimes when I test and am high I can recognize that I've been feeling "draggy" but I feel that way, unfortunately, for no reason at all a lot. Sometimes I have a "feeling" that I'm high but I don't really base it on anything other than if I've eaten a food I know is unpredictable for me. I never feel thirsty, never seem to be peeing more, nothing, even if I'm 300! Fortunately, I do have a pretty good sense when I'm low, on a regular basis.

Yeah, I'm hoping it will help with the rapid changes and unpredictability. It's better since switching sets, but sometimes still so rapid/unpredictable! Yesterday and the day before I did literally the exact same exercise on the treadmill for 20 minutes, same speed and heart rate and everything, and ate the same dinner (measured) at the same time of night the same amount of time before starting, and reduced my insulin by the same amount both nights. The first night I was 7.0 (126) at dinner, 12.7 (229) two hours later (before exercise), and 4.0 (72) half an hour later (after finishing). The second night I was 7.2 (130) at dinner, 12.8 (230) two hours later (before exercise), and 11.3 (203) half an hour later (after finishing). That is a drop of 8.8 (158) points one night and 1.4 (25) points the next with all controllable factors held steady. I literally cannot find any difference between the two nights and yet there's still so much difference! The only thing I can think of is that maybe my blood sugar was heading in different directions for some reason.

I've had Type 1 for just over 22 years and I think it's made me a lot less sensitive to highs and lows than I would be if I'd only had diabetes for a few years.

I've been using metal sets and they are working much, much better. They don't stick very well and still get a bit itchy (but not too irritated), but when I tried Skin Tac they got horribly irritated again. So for now I'm quite happy. I'll probably try some other suggestions people have made, but probably in the new year when my schedule is a bit less busy.

270 right now and feeling fine. drank almost a liter of wáter and waiting for the correction to take effect. no symptoms besides thirst....

I feel start to feel what I'd characterize as "slushy" around 140ish.

Usually if it hits 130 or so, where my CGM alerts me, I'll sort of take stock of where I'm at. , look at the 3 hour "log" w/ the finest increments to see how fast it's going up and figure outwhat, if anything I need to do to fix it. This may include thinking about the carbs (I weighed some bread recently, and noted that a 35G [serving size weight, 13G of carbs] slice weighed 39G on the scale so there'd be some potential for "offage" there...), activities, stress, where I'm at in the reservoir timeline (day one or day 4-5 sometimes run higher, the juice is...odd...although day 1 I think it's the insertion and day 4-5 it might also be the site getting crunchy...), if settings are off since the problem has repeated or whatever. I do this pretty quickly and don't dwell on it. If it's not skyrocketing (like 5+ points/ click on the CGM scrollback...), I'll crank the basal up to 200%. If it's more than that, I'll figure maybe I shorted my carb count and bolus for maybe 10% of carbs. Sometimes both if it's really flying up. The hot basal seems to clean up many of these for me, like breakfast highs and seems to be easier to stop or rein in than a bolus.

i start to get hot around 150's, i can tell my blood sugars are rising. Although, I think too, it depends on how fast the rise is. Sometimes, i think, it's just a sudden rise that makes me sweat and hot and not so much the number...I don't get thirsty though until 180's or above. Sometimes I'm in the 200's and don't feel it if I've risen very slowly. Same with going low. But, yeah...I can feel 150's, sometimes 140's. Geez, Jen...you sure seem to have a tough time with highs....ugh!

That happens to me too, I think there are many things we don't know that affect our bg. I was sick(stomach) all night early am last night and my bg was low to hypo during it and then spiked most of the day. I'm finally back to normal range now. I was sick with a virus most likely flu before that for 5-6 days and my bg only spiked a bit here and there- just my normal spikes. I think the vomiting dehydrated me- I was so sick I couldn't even drink water after before I finally fell asleep.

And when I woke up at 190 today I was sweating.. so that happens with lows and highs for me.