When do you feel your highs?

It just dawned on me that different people feel their highs at different levels. If you feel your highs at relatively low levels, it may not FEEL good, but it gives you a motivation to do something to bring them down. On the other hand, if you’re like me, and don’t feel them until they get well above 300, then you have to be very motivated to test, because otherwise you would go sailing through life with BGs well above where you want them.

So how about you?

I don’t feel them…even when they’re off my meter, I feel fine. No tiredness, no crankiness, no blurry vision, no nothing.

Low/mid 200s. My hands get a little shaky and I get cranky (or so I’m told!). If I’m too high for a few days I get THE most painful cramps in my calves/foes, definitely worth avoiding!

Sometimes I feel a little sick in my stomach. I also get a little cranky, but most of the time, I dont feel them. Maybe when I dont feel like testing is when I’m high :wink:

I think around 150 or so I start to feel “slushy” and get nervous and irritable about it.

It depends on time of day. If I wake up above 180 I feel nauseous. The rest of the day I can’t feel it until about 250 or higher.

I usually feel crappy over 200, but was 230 after breakfast and felt fine. Go figure…

lately i’ve been feeling “high” when I’m not actually high at all (but in perfect range)… I will chalk that up to not sleeping enough??

today I was high all afternoon… I was baking (not eating it either!!). I swear my blood sugar rises even when I think about sweets… I didn’t feel any different at all.

for years I had high blood sugar and just lived that way so I think I can tolerate highs more than the average D-person. Now I have more energy in general and feel like my head is in less of a fog than life before I took control.

I dont feel them, but usually get them down quick.
Sometimes too quick.

Yeah, and been wildly off more often than even close!

Usually I feel symptoms around 220. I get a bit cranky and tired, my head will hurt slightly, and my mouth will feel a bit dry. Sometimes it’s more of a vague “off” feeling that I can’t really put my finger on. Over 260, the symptoms become really obvious (can you say tooth sweaters??).

I LOVE that term “tooth sweaters”, which I think, was invented by Kerri Sparling. When I was in the hospital last year, with a BG of 388, and they wouldn’t give me any insulin because it wasn’t TIME, it really brought the image home. Another image is that of my tongue sticking to the roof of my mouth. Makes talking hard, LOL!

Remind me never to go into a hospital again!

I have an insane tolerance of blood sugar extremes.

I never feel any highs. Ever. The only time I felt a high was when I collapsed in DKA.

At the other end of the spectrum, I can be walking and talking at LO (less than 1.2mm/ol or 21 mg/dl on my meter).

Luckily I rarely have unexplained lows (two so far in just over a year with diabetes).

Me it’s in the high 100’s I tend to be on the low end of the spectrum.

I start feeling the spike post 100 with no insulin on board. I become wicked irritable. The other night I was stressed over a change in my job and my sugar spiked just from my nerves. I tried going to sleep and I was so fidgety and suspected I had to be high. Sure enough 238. I don’t spend too my time elevated as I am a total mess. I’m amazed at the tolerance levels that some here are. If I had that much room I’d probably feel fine most of the time. In fact I only really feel well between 85 and 95. For this reason I rarely test.

I don’t really feel like I’m high til I get around 300 or over myself Natalie So I’m right up there with you.

We are ALL different, that’s why topics like this are so interesting :wink:

Its actually weird for me. You know sometimes you get background noise in your ears? The higher I go the more of that I get, so if i wake up in the middle of the night with a lot of background noise sure enough i’m in the 180+ range.

LOL. I have tinnitus in both ears (different pitch, different volume in each ear) so that wouldn’t work for me!

At the moment my blood is particularly gloopy and viscuous and it’s taking forever to snake up the testing strip. I was having a particularly bad day of swings yesterday due to trying to follow my obstetrician’s orders to ‘eat more carb’. So I thought the gloopy blood was due to the 18.6 (334) brought on by a carby dinner. But my blood was equally gloopy at the 1.6 (28.8) that inevitably followed. I am still trying to figure that one out.

Sorry Gary, I am finding it a little difficult to square up what you’ve said here with your A1C of 8.5. If you only really feel well between 85 and 95, then most of the time you must feel unwell?