Feels soooo good


so last week i stupidly managed to twist/sprain/injure some ligament on my right foot. this happened when i sorta twisted my ankle…just walking back to class after lunch. so that put me off working out for a couple of days.

i was so dismayed! my dad just bought me a set of aerobic dumb bells and i’d been hoping to go power walking with them at the park. or go for a run and follow up with some light strength training exercises.

at least i managed to get through one pilates session despite my wonky ankle. i’m loving pilates, by the way. it’s great for my mental and physical health.

so i had to make friends with the trusty ice pack and a tube of pain relief gel. and slowly my foot felt better. i’m sure it’s not totally better, but i can run around without pain so that was great!

last night i survived (and totally enjoyed!) an aerobics-kickboxing combo class. i left all sticky and sweaty and ready for a cold shower, but hey, it felt good to pump it out after being deprived of rigorous cardio for a week.

today i took things a bit slower and had a good swim. perfect, sunny weather made the pool water exceptionally comforting and very cool. plus, i have a nice little tan now (and a pink nose).

feels so good to get that heart pumping and those muscles moving again!