Getting back to better health through therapy and exercise

Hi all. 14 weeeks since the ankle break and 12 weeks post surgery. I am moving along. Wonder if I am doing too much? Ouch Ouch Ouch, Both legs( calves on both, +ankle on injured right one) really hurt from yester days' intense PT stretching, weight-lifting, balancing paired with fibromalgia and neuropathy; but I will keep up with the home exercises. Yesterday, Both before and After the therapy session in the am.; I was on my feet most of the day. I was having 5 people over for dinner; and I was cooking and cleaning and up and down the stairs to the basement. Maybe I was too active. I really want to get back to my "busy bee" lifestyle, but I have to try patience No pain no gain???o

Any Suggestions on how to dull the pain? I take Ibuprofen and Lyrica, at the lowest doses possible. I did not take them prior to bed last night; and of course, I was in pain a lot. I am tempted to split , into quarters,a 5mg Oxycodone tablet this morning, as I really hurt, but do not need the possibility of hallucinations today.(Saw Huck from "Scandal" approaching my mailbox instead of the Postman last time I took it at full dosage. He did not ring twice-LOL) Will take an epsom salt bath and relax..
BTW, Next week I will have a needle biopsie of the adenoma they founf behind my thryroid. Parathyroidsism, of which I have 80% of the indicators, and about 75% of the symptoms( including tingling painful neuropathy and muscle cramps, joint paint): can be reversed by a simple surgery. If such is the case, maybe the ankle issues will be more easy to resolve after I have it.

Everybody have a fine Spring day!! I had a lovely dinner last night.. Blood sugars were cooperative and the company was grand!!

God Bless,

Perhaps just some traditional recovery techniques will help. They say that for mild injuries and strain you should use RICE which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Perhaps you can discuss with your physio whether this would help? It has to be a lot better than messing up your day watching Huck.

And besides, you probably shouldn't on your feet all day. Even a half hour a couple times a day with your feet up may make all the difference in the world.

Thanks, Brian. Getting the ice pack and foot pillows ready No Oxycodone..Do not want a mental replay "Scandal": I am more afraid of Olivia's mom...
God bless,

I think the exercises are going to be better for you than running up and down the stairs to get ready for wild parties! Maybe order pizza when you have 5 people over so you don't have to run up and down the stairs? Maybe not the best BG wise but it would help you recover more solidly than blowing yourself out.

Acid, when I say "run up and down the stairs" it was not literal: My laundry room and TV viewing room are in the basement. I was washing clothes and getting the entertainment room neat. Kitchen is upstairs so I was cooking at the same time. (BTW, I cannot stand pizza:I Only order it for others. Hate the taste of oregano. Make my own tomato sauce without it.) I did not do the up and down stuff to run down my blood sugars. I have learned how to dual-wave bolus more on the days when I eat more carb. I did the moving around Just because I thought that I had to do it.: You know I am hyper.. But I am.Watching tv and relaxing today.. Party was not wild: we ate, and told nice clean jokes..:=) well maybe not THAT clean, but nothing that would be shameful to post on social

God bless

Ouch ouch ouch. Every morning after a day I have been on my feet I am in terrible pain all over my body, and legs are so much worse. I think this is the fibromyalgia combined with the ankle problems. I do not want to start taking more pain meds, but it really hurts. I guess I could take the Lyrica at full strength. ANd follow the suggestions to rest and ice 3x a day ( I admit I only rest and elevate 2x daily, upon arising and before bed...
and before bed. I guess I do not want to psychologically accept that I am really still in "healing" mode and that I am not going to be able to return to normal activities "just like that". I know now I will not be able to drive as soon as I want.. and I am learning patience, but it is SO hard to be as limited in transit as I have had to be after 3 1/2 months. But it could be worse. Patience, Patience, Patience.
While icing and elevating, I am going to meditate , pray, and read my Word. Being ever grateful helps, too.: I am thankful for the restoration thus far, and I am So glad to have the friends in the real world that; I DO have, and for all of you at TuD. Just a little vent.

God Bless,