Sports Injury

I love to walk,after doing 16,000 steps I injured my illiotibital band on my lift hip. Heading to P.T. My A1C went from 6.5 to 6.7. I am now walking 4,00 steps. Plus low impact water aerobics. Need to watch my carbs and keep things on the straight and narrow. Oh deer. Nancy50


How do you like the water aerobics? It’s getting to be winter. Do you typically walk in the winter?

We are lucky to have a high school fields house we can use 7-12, free of charge over 65. If my road is clear ,I can do that. Or use Leslie Sansone on you tube to walk with. I like her when it is dark outside. We do Y pool,low impact aerobics together. 20 years and counting. I enjoy being active. Nancy50.

I hear you. I have a possible meniscus tear in my left knee and broke my collarbone in a motorcycle accident in August. I adjusted my basal levels on my pump and am trying to be patient with physio. Not being able to hike and ride my bike has been hard mentally. Good on you for finding some low impact exercise. I’m trying to find other activities that make me happy, but it’s hard. Keep up with the physio. Even if you’re making baby steps, you’re still making progress. That’s what I keep telling myself! :wink:

Good luck recovering from your injuries. Nancy50