OCH, HERE WE GO , I often wonder if Scott wears Red Stills, I suppose he can borrow mine. Where is MADAME Renee anyway, God only knows what she wears.

He’s 6 ft

Renee and Scott are out “shoe” shopping today! Silver 6 inch for Renee and Black knee-high boots for Scott!

Ha Ha, Wonder what they’ll do after the shopping, bet they got matching outfits too, lol

I wear Merrells, Birkenstocks (both mules and open toe sandals), and for work shoes I go for either mary jane style shoes or really comfy wedges that are cute and stylish. Heels kill my feet so wedges are the way I go to look tall and feminine when at work. All of my shoes have been OKed by my podiatrist. He asked me to bring in my shoes to make sure I was wearing what he called “diabetic friendly footwear”.

I am with Josephine, I can’t wear flip flops. The thing between the toes just kill me!