Was just wondering what sort of shoes you ladies wear? Dolly shoes, killer heels etc??

I wear flip-flops as much as possible!!! (cute ones, of course) I know “us” diabetics should wear closed toe shoes…I just can’t hate them!!! In winter I wear boots, small heel. I used to wear high heels alot (younger days) No tennies for me either, only if I really have to!

6 inch pumps most of the time, live it while you’re young I say! haha
I thinkg the main thing is to take care of your feet and moisturize them etc… but when it comes to footwear NO ONE is going to tell me that i can’t wear heels :stuck_out_tongue:
that is the one thing D is not taking from me.

I know it is for ladies only, but here it goes!!
Even if you wanna wear heels or something, pick a known comfy brand like Clarks, Scetchers… and always make sure that you have room to wiggle your toes!

Hope this helped ladies! :wink:

Why are we supposed to where closed toe shoes?

Actually, Cole-Haan teamed up with Nike Air to make really comfortable heels. I know their stuff is expensive, but if you get American Express points, you can redeem your points for gift cards at Cole-Haan. and they’re so well made, they last a long time if you care for them.

I have been thinking for a while that I need to get me some very good and pretty shoes. I love wearing heels, but I can;t stand them. I got surgery on one of my big toes few years ago, and I think it never healed well. Anyways, it is hard for me to spend so much money in a pair of shoes, then I end up spending the same money on many pairs, but none of them are really comfortable or really pretty.

I think next time I get some cash, I will treat myself. :slight_smile:

Nothing boring or ugly! I know diabetics aren’t supposed to have pedicures, but I will not obey this rule. I wear open toe shoes all summer long.

LOVE CLARKS! so comfy

I discovered Merrells, and I love comfort, so that’s practically all I wear! Right now I have a pair of Keens on–so ugly they are cute. For athletics, I wear Asics or Saucony (wide toe box). At home and of course for yoga I go barefoot (I don’t have neuropathy).

i love flip flops!! my feet are wide so in flip flops my feet have tons of room to do what they want!! i’ve even found pairs at the gap that have arches in them that are relatively cheap. if i’m exercising i definately make sure i have good sneakers but even non diabetics should make sure of that.

oh i love saucony sneakers. so much support and the are so smushy haha

I have never in my life been able to wear flip flop. are they the ones with the thing between your toes. I’m either in wellies or red stilletoes.

Red Stilletoes, Lady With Stylee. Loveeee It! I have to say i’m abit of a shoeaholic… Dolly shoes/Flat cute pumps are my thing - Topshop & Faith are prob my fave for shoes. The gladiator is a furm fave in the sun. Buuut on a night out the heel takes over, although I do try to find ones that don’t completely crush my toes.

I have the sudden urge to shop - Ohh and I remember, I’m skint!

My running shoes are seriously comfy though! There the only pair that I don’t really care what they look like.

I’m only 5 2" so heels are a must, except when up to neck in compost.

I wear generic crocs lol from Avon they are so comfortable and they just slip on and off

Yeah I see them everywhere, they’re cute.

And they last forever! Jeez! Some times I just throw them away cause am bored of wearing them, not that they are bad or something!! lol

Am just curious, how tall is your husband or BF?

JOSEPHINE: Red stilletoes??..only at the chocolate hot tub parties!!! What are wellies??